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9 Kitchen Renovation Rules to Always Follow

Remodelling your kitchen space can turn out to be an expensive undertaking. It is mostly because a kitchen should always have the right mix of planning and functionality. In every kitchen, the layout is as per the requirements of the owner. Below is a section of this blog of some critical rules that must be followed for kitchen renovation. Here you will find a checklist of some of the most important details that will help you in starting work.

Renovating an existing kitchen space involves a substantial investment. However, all of it pays off as the family uses the space daily. Then factors like style, functionality, space, type of cabinets, etc. The following rules will surely guide you in creating your dream Kitchen Interior Designs from scratch.

1. Recognizing the Best Ways of Utilizing a Space

At the time of creating a kitchen layout, it is important to figure out how it will be used. One can choose between an open or closed kitchen setup based on their needs. Besides, there are different forms of kitchen layouts such as U-shaped, L-shaped, galley kitchen, wall kitchen, etc.

2. Identifying Different Kitchen Zones

One of the crucial steps in kitchen renovation is creating distinct markings for different functions in the kitchen. For instance, the wet zone should contain the sink and washing devices. Similarly, the cabinet should serve the purpose of storing utensils and cooking supplies. Marking different zones within a kitchen helps in creating an organised setup.

3. Provision for Appliances

The kitchen design should have adequate provisions for appliances and power outlets. Also, interior designers in Delhi make certain the doors of these appliances obstruct movement inside the kitchen. Often kitchen appliances block precious storage on the countertop. Hence it would be best to store smaller items in a cabinet for easy space management.

4. Create an Effective Work Triangle

A work triangle is useful for connecting the most used spaces in a kitchen like the refrigerator, sink, cooktop, etc. The distance between each of the zones should range between 5-8 feet for unobstructed movement.

5. Using a Multi-Layer Lighting Setup

A lighting arrangement comprising multiple layers includes both ceiling and pendant lights. Placing these on top of the kitchen counter and below gives every corner proper illumination.

6. Sufficient Storage Spaces

Interior designers in Delhi suggest making provisions for storage compartments of different sizes and depths. Since most homes these days have compact kitchen spaces, floor-to-ceiling vertical cabinets come in handy. Also, wall-mounted racks and shelves are useful for storing smaller items and light appliances.

7. Using Quality Materials

The kitchen space gets exposed to a lot of moisture and grease regularly. Hence using quality materials is critical for the purpose. MDF and BWR plywood is a better investment in place of regular ones. Similar hardware items must have SS finish to avoid rusting. 

8. Modular Kitchen Setup

Modular kitchen setups are good for enhancing the overall efficiency of the space. These comprise bottle holders, cutlery organisers, corner units, and more. When the utensils and other items in the kitchen are organised systematically, you get to work around seamlessly. Also, it reduces clutter around the kitchen and opens up more usable space.

9. Ventilation is Key for the Proper Functioning of a Kitchen

Your kitchen must have a window opening for the circulation of natural air. A chimney or exhaust fan does the job of extracting smoke and other pollutants that may be released during cooking.

Things to Take into Account When Redesigning a Kitchen Space


To begin with, it is always a good idea to create a visual checklist of what you wish to have in the space. Keep a measuring tape handy and shuffle layouts for the best outcome. It is best done under the supervision of a professional interior designer. As they can suggest the best-suited options depending on the budget and requirements of a homeowner.

Also, you will require the services of an experienced architect to turn your vision into reality. They help in estimating the budget based on the size of the space and its needs. At this point, both the designer and architect work together to developing the kitchen layout, taking all considerations into account. Another important factor for a renovation project is the timeline. If it is a complete rework, then it is best to move for the period unless there is provision for setting up a temporary kitchen.

Final Thoughts

Renovating or remodelling a Kitchen Renovation Rules: Space can truly transform a small space into an inviting and functional corner. You can use the kitchen for dining and entertaining guests with proper planning. The right Kitchen Interior Designs and ideas can go a long way in creating the perfect space for everyday cooking.

The rules discussed above will surely help you with a checklist of necessary details that need consideration before beginning work. With these tips, you can begin with the process and make it fun. You should also focus on keeping things organised before the old setup is shifted to your brand-new and shiny kitchen. 


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