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A web magazine or blog called DIGITALTECHSIDE offers information on creativity, invention, creative people, and the creative world. The primary focus is on clarity, design, straightforward learning, and simple practice.

At DIGITALTECHSIDE, we welcome submissions from authors, bloggers, and guest writers. We would be happy to feature your sponsored or guest sources on our site.

Subjects that we cover for sponsored or guest posts are:

  • Blogging
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Business
  • Sports
  • Careers
  • E-commerce
  • Essay Writing
  • Finance & Monetization
  • Health
  • Life Hacks
  • Lifestyle
  • Programming Languages & Databases
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media & Marketing
  • Entertainment
  • Travel
  • Web Design & Development

Type of content:

  •     We only accept rich, high-quality articles.
  •     An article must be at least 800 words long. The maximum count has no upper bound.
  •     Not a single duplicate or spam post.
  •     No gambling, casinos, or adult-themed content.

Guidelines for formatting:

In order for us to copy and paste your guest post into the WordPress HTML editor, please format it as an HTML document. As an alternative, you can offer information in Google Docs or.doc format.

For headings or subheadings, use header tags.

At the end of the section, put the author byline and a link to your website that is already formatted.

Advantages of Guest Blogging at DIGITALTECHSIDE:

  •    Free, specific advertising
  •    Submit your RSS feed
  •    Free social media marketing
  •    Various methods for obtaining or creating links to your website
  •    Expand your audience
  •    You need to boost your search engine ranking.
  •    Possibility to get featured on the homepage
  •    In addition, guest posts

Free Stuff:

  •     You may submit up to 1 link to your material, and you may also include images.
  •     To keep your do-follow link active for all time, you must create a backlink for your content on your end.
  •     You must wait a specific number of days before publishing your article because of the lengthy queue.

Premium Article:

If you pay for a premium post, your article will be published right away with several advantages.

1)   Time to publish: Maximum 1 working day

2)   Viewable from the homepage slideshow

3)   There is no word restriction.

4)   Maintaining ownership rights- not for sale

5)   Our website contains a high authority backlink to your website.

6)   Will be promoted on a website.

7)   The main content of the article will focus on keywords and SEO.

8)   Free of plagiarism 100% original content promise

9)   Editors will check the work for accuracy- perfect copy

10)  100% original and creative stuff

11)   Your website will be more visible to search engines and attract more visitors as a result of its high SERP             rating.

12)  No related articles or advertisements within the content (per request).

13)  Provide more organic traffic than submissions from guests.

14)  All of our subscribers receive emails with sponsored stuff.

15)  Expand your audience and your potential client base to attract more paying customers.

16)  The sponsored article will be accessible from the homepage of our website for at least 7 business days                  through the featured section (below the menu), the content area, or both.

17)  Be shared once a month on a variety of social media groups and platforms.

18)  Exposure to unique monthly website visitors

If you wish to have your article featured on DIGITALTECHSIDE, please submit below information online to digitaltechside@gmail.com.

  •     Author Name
  •     Author Email
  •     Article Title
  •     Article Description
  •     Article Image [Width:1024px X Height: 600px]

If you’ve prepared your pitch according to our audience’s interests and coverage style with passion, it will be given the greatest attention.

Every week, we receive a large number of entries; unfortunately, we can only get back to writers whose work is chosen for publication.

What Happens Exactly After Your Guest Post Is Accepted?

1)  The guest post will be examined as soon as it is received. You will be informed with the                                        Comments for modifications if it needs to be changed.

2)  If the content or title is inappropriate, we have the right to change it.

3)  The article can be republished or shared on social media with proper author acknowledgment.

4)  Guest posts are not paid by us.

Public queries:

To submit an inquiry, please email DIGITALTECHSIDE at digitaltechside@gmail.com.