101 Sports Bikes in India: Reviews and Prices

Sports bikes are the ultimate motorcycles that anyone could ever think of. They have a sleek design and come with exceptional efficiency. Sports bikes are known for their incredible speed and usefulness for racing. They are also widely popular for their easy manoeuvrability and the agility that you can experience while driving with the utmost precision.

You should get a sports bike for several reasons, but you must also decide which one you should get. Hence, below is a list of reviews and prices of some of the best sports bikes available in India that you can go through.

Latest Reviews and Prices of the Best Sports Bike in India

The reviews and prices below will help you decide which sports bike is the best for you and fits your budget.

● BMW F 900 XR

The BMW F 900 XR has some of the highest long-distance performance and athleticism. The ability of this motorcycle to be driven for kilometres and its pure performance is its most liked ability among its riders. You are equipped with every element that ensures comfort, including wind and weather protection and upright seating positions that let you ride seamlessly.

The BMW F 900 XR highlights its commanding nature with its newly developed headlight emphasis and further builds up the electrifying atmosphere of being able to drive with incredible swiftness. Such a sports bike is well-equipped with all the elements to travel and sport in your city. The BMW motorcycle is made in a way that matches your personality and makes you feel faster than a racehorse.

Price: Rs. 12,55,000

● Harley Davidson Sportster S

The Harley Davidson Sportster S should be your go-to ride for a stunning style and top-of-the-line performance. It also gives you an aggressive riding experience with sports bike handling and agility. The Sportster S will also help you stand out from the crowd and make a statement. Such a sports bike is the most competitive of the lot because of its safety enhancements, forward riding position, and foot controls that let it exceed its competition.

The Harley Davidson Sportster S gives you some of the best technology through three pre-programmed ride modes: rain, road, and sport. You can also customise your mode by tuning your motorcycle to a specific combination.

Price: 15,54,000

● Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R

The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R has all the technologies that help you go beyond your limit and explore the edges. The sports bike has an incredibly sophisticated electronic management system that lets you experience what it feels like to drive a superbike on the track. The cruise control system of the motorcycle permits you to maintain your desired speed with a simple button press. You don’t have to constantly apply the throttle if you activate this system. Overall, the system will reduce your stress if you want to travel long distances with your sports bike and let you relax and drive easily.

The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R also has a next-generation ninja styling with an aerodynamic racer-inspired front cowl. This cowl also gets enhanced by its headlights, a taller windshield, and a new Ram Air intake.

Price: 16,47,000


Sports bikes have always been a hybrid model of superbikes that give you a glimpse into what it feels like to ride beyond a standard limit while ensuring your safety. Even though sports bikes of every brand are great in their own way, some are far superior. Some of this superior breed of motorcycles include the BMW Sports Bike with every element you want in your dream ride. Even better, you can customise this motorcycle any way you want.

Hence, you only need to decide which sports bike you want. Once you have purchased your bike, you can customise it in your chosen colour and add accessories that boost its efficiency. Ultimately, you will have a beast of a bike you can ride on through every city road and cross the limits.


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