15 Best Route Planner Apps For iPhone To Use In 2024

If you’re a business owner eager to know about the best route planner apps for iPhone, this article can guide you.

As per the 2022 report, India boasts the highest number of iPhone users. That is why it becomes significant to consider iPhone users on many occasions. For instance, no matter whether for personal navigation or business operations, choosing the best route is crucial. Even though many rely on Google Maps, businesses, especially in sectors like eCommerce and logistics, look for dedicated route planner apps.

Here, you’ll learn about 15 top route planner apps for iPhone. So, keep reading without distraction.

Best Route Planner Apps To Use For iPhone Users

Check out the list below to learn about the top route planning apps for iPhones.

1.   TrackoMile

TrackoMile is a comprehensive last-mile delivery software that can streamline the complete delivery process efficiently. Its capabilities span capacity and carrier management, hyperlocal delivery, and advanced route optimization.

Using cutting-edge routing algorithms with over 120 variables, TrackoMile excels beyond traditional route planner applications. It meticulously considers factors such as traffic, weather, and road size, ensuring optimal routes.

The platform additionally allows scheduled deliveries based on preferred time slots and route constraints. This way, it offers precision and flexibility to businesses. It also makes TrackoMile one of the best route planner apps for the iPhone.

Cons: Some users may take time to learn how to use the application due to its wide spectrum of features. 

2.   Upper

Upper is among the most efficient route planner apps for iPhones. It has a user-friendly interface. Furthermore, this application offers users real-time traffic updates.

Cons: It offers limited free features. Moreover, reviews show occasional glitches in the app.

3.   Route4Me

Route4Me is for both business use and personal use. The application puts great emphasis on route optimization. Additionally, it works efficiently enough to save costs. Users also get options like multi-stop optimization, which are extremely simple to use.

Cons: It has a subscription-based pricing model. Moreover, as per some reviews, the application lags a lot.

4.   DynoRoute

DynoRoute is also among the well-known route-planning apps. It focuses on route planning while keeping in mind the time factor. The application is highly recommended for businesses in logistics. It has an easy-to-use interface and gives real-time updates on deliveries.

Cons: It offers limited features in the free version.

5.   Badger Maps

Badger Maps is primarily customized for field sales and service teams. Hence, it offers features for both route optimization and customer management. One of the benefits Badger Maps gives to users is comprehensive customer data integration.

Cons: The application has a complex UI. Additionally, premium features might be expensive for some businesses.

6.   inRoute

inRoute is another route planner for drivers that focuses on efficient route navigation. Furthermore, it takes into consideration factors like weather information and more.

Cons: Again, there are only limited features accessible in the free version.

7.   RoadWarrior

RoadWarrior shares planned routes with drivers and is designed for delivery drivers and sales reps. It provides business features like dynamic route optimization as it uses GPS for navigation.

Cons: Some users report occasional syncing issues with the application. Moreover, advanced features are only accessible on premium plans.

8.   Zeo

Zeo is among the best route planner apps for iPhones, as it finds the best route possible. It also offers real-time updates on the delivery process and collects proof of delivery.

Cons: The application doesn’t have a lot of advanced features.

9.   MapQuest

MapQuest is a widely used GPS navigation app. Therefore, it provides route-planning features for iPhone users. What makes it a good route planner is that it’s free to use. However, it’s highly suggested for individual use only.

Cons: Users may find a lot of ads while using the application. Moreover, it doesn’t have many features like other applications.

10.  Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most popular choices for general navigation. If you’re an iPhone user and think, Let’s plan a route on my iPhone maps, you’re talking about Google Maps. This is because the app offers robust route-planning capabilities for iPhone users. Additionally, it gives real-time traffic updates as well. However, it is again highly suggested for individual use or to reach a single-stop destination.

Cons: It requires a strong internet connection to work.

11.  Routora

Routora is a route-planning app powered by Google Maps. It provides a range of features for efficient navigation. For example, you get customizable route optimizations.

Cons: The learning curve for advanced features is complex.

12.  Locate2u

Locate2u is a route optimization and fleet management application. It is especially designed for delivery businesses as it offers real-time tracking and route optimization for efficient operations.

Cons: There are only limited features accessible in the free version.

13.  AntsRoute

AntsRoute is another last-mile delivery application that caters to businesses of different sizes. It offers users comprehensive route analytics. Additionally, you get features like easy team collaboration.

Cons: Some reviews suggest there have been instances of occasional server delays.

14.  OptimoRoute

OptimoRoute is one of the route planner apps for iPhones designed for businesses focusing on delivery and field service operations. It efficiently plans routes using different algorithms. Moreover, it offers real-time tracking features as well.

Cons: Pricing may be a barrier for small businesses.

15.  Tookan

Tookan is a delivery management app that also offers route optimization features. It helps businesses manage fleet operations. Along with that, it provides real-time tracking and monitoring features

Cons: Some users report occasional app crashes.

Bottom Line

In a crowded market offering a plethora of choices, these 15 stand out as the best. Whether you’re seeking a route planner for personal use or a comprehensive last-mile delivery software like TrackoMile for business operations, you must follow this list. Customized to meet diverse needs, last-mile delivery applications excel at covering the entirety of the final leg of business operations. On the other hand, route planners remain a practical choice for personal navigation. Yet, the last decision is always yours. 


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