5 Reasons Why Todays Women Love Hand Block Printed Sarees

The art of hand block printed sarees is an ancient tradition in Indian history. While the art originated from specific regions of Rajasthan, the textile craft is very old. Going down further, hand block printing has a rich history and roots spreading in Japan, China, and India. Presently, artisans in several regions of India, such as West Bengal, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, and Gujarat, practice this intriguing art. Chances are that it might be sneaking into several other parts of the country.

The hand block is a carved piece of wooden block used to imprint designs on sarees. While the prints are usually done on cotton sarees, you might as well come across silks with them. Word has it that hand block prints are versatile, and when on sarees, they are an ideal choice for divas of different age groups. Talk about blending style and comfort, and you will be mesmerised by the beautiful colours and quirky patterns assembling the designs. It’s hard to believe, but no two block-printed cotton sarees are similar. Whether it is for spending a long day at work or flaunting unique attire for special occasions, the imperfection of the patterns makes these sarees stand out.

What could be the other reason women go crazy about block-printed sarees? Here is what you need to know.

1.   Blending Fashion and Comfort

A sight you cannot ignore is a hand-block print saree in alluring and elegant hues and vibes. Why are you holding back from the best colour combinations and the comfort of cotton fabric? Enter the world of block-printed sarees, find yourself wrapped in an assortment of shades and patterns, and make a bold statement. Above all, get your share of comfort, no matter at what time of the day you sport this saree.

2.   Suits Your Budget

Do you have a fetish for Bengal cotton sarees on a budget? Well, you will get a wide range of affordable pieces that are hard to take your eyes off. While you enjoy the flexibility of style and comfort, the price point is comforting as well. However, price differences may occur based on the types of dyes, the quality of printing and design, and the fabric on which the patterns and motifs are printed. Get them online or visit the stores in person. You will have access to all kinds of prints and designs. Diwali is around the corner, so you might have your hands tied with all kinds of expenses around. Why don’t you check the hand-block-printed saree collections and pick a few to be given as gifts? That way, you will be showered with an appreciation for choosing unique sarees and forget the budgetary concerns as well.

3.   Easy Styling Option

There is no denying that the hand block prints on cotton sarees come in ubiquitous shades that hardly portray the kind of look you get here in other fabrics. Think yellow, white, soft green, black, indigo, and grey during hand block printed cotton sarees online shopping and get some exceptional collections at Dora By Phoenix. The boutique, owned by another fashion diva, an influencer, and a woman entrepreneur, stocks amazingly unique prints. Some of her collections include Haatpakha, Happy Snails, Mango Mania, Pili Taxi, and various others to make a bold statement.

4. Accessorizing the Saree

Today’s women prefer choosing sarees that go easy with accessories. Who does not love attire that can be teamed up with traditional handmade accessories? Whether you need to pick something for the office party that works equally well with versatile jewellery or sport a collection for a day wedding function, chunky oxidised neckpieces or earrings add to the boldness of hand block prints on sarees. Want to look stylish and classy? Take your pick and go to the farthest limits with the ethnic jewellery you prefer.

5.   Traditional or Contemporary: Get It Together

The silhouettes and styles to flaunt with hand-block prints on sarees are sure to leave you spoiled for choices. While you choose from unique prints and patterns, the bold hues are conspicuous. There is something for everyone in hand-block-printed sarees. While you get a traditional hint with the fabric, there are contemporary prints that hold on well to the classiness of the past. Overall, cotton block-printed sarees befit modern times.

With so much written about the classiness and versatility of hand-block prints on sarees, they are nothing short of symbols defining the culture and heritage of India. The artisans and weavers from different states of this country portray unique stories on the fabric, and the art that originated long ago seems to live through their efforts. No wonder hand-block prints are taking the legacy to fashionistas across the world.


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