7 Ultimate Guide to Writing Website Content That Drives Traffic


Creating a website relies on quality content. Do you have second thoughts? Research says that about one-third of visitors are likely to stop visiting a website if the content is not attractive. Capturing the attention of readers with quality website content is one of the most challenging aspects for businesses trying to crack into the online realm. Fortunately, quality website writing can beat the odds to a great extent.

Whether it is writing for the home page, about us page, or service pages, here is how a website content writer captures the audience’s attention and contributes to the success of the business.

1. Structuring The Content Wisely

Web readers do not have good attention spans and decide quickly whether your site has the information they need. So, the best rule that the website content writing services follow is structuring the content upside down to make it look like a cone. Gradually, you can focus on drilling down specific information. The most pertinent details like the date, location, and theme need to appear on the top of the page followed by the less important information towards the end.

2. Reassert The Competitors

When professional writers pen content for business websites, they do a lot of research on the competitors. Chances are that the online visitors arriving on your site will have the offerings of competitors in mind. So, it is good to decide whether to stick to the lines of the competitors and offer something unique and different. Researching offers excellent avenues to identify the trends of the competitors and stay ahead of the game.

3. Attract The Readers From The First Line

You are aware that a business website may have no more than 15 seconds to capture the reader’s interest and this is what professional writers manage so well. Starting the post with an attractive story, data, or a question is more likely to draw the attention of the clients. Overall, you have to make the readers content-hungry and force them to read beyond the introduction. Think about a content writer for hire and you are almost about to win the hearts of your readers.

4. Scannable Texts Are Reader-Friendly

It is not just the quality of the post that matters. Most people skip reading the website content because it contains chunks of information placed together. So, what then is the solution? Ensure that the text can be scanned easily with headers, bullet points, descriptive subheadings, and numbered lists to make the content reader-friendly. Make sure you force the readers to think about your brand with adequate white spaces between the paragraphs.

5. Provide More Value

Even the greatest writers fail to make a mark with elegant texts and explanatory details. The key to success is through content that provides value to the readers. Based on your target audience ask whether restructuring the words to resonate with the desires of the readers is all you need. Creating a spark, making them more curious, and considering the current trends of online writing are necessary. Read the posts of experts but find out unique way to improve the quality of writing. If you are a business trying to add zeal to your website content, hire freelance blog writers to make the posts more interesting.

6. Communicate With The Readers

The most reputed content writers try to create a bond between the brand and the audience to bridge the gap. So, use more active voices like “you can order from us” instead of “the services can be ordered from our outlet”. Using passive voice is meaningful when you need to pen formal words and sentences but in most other cases, use active voice to sound as if you are the one trying to communicate with the audience. Apart from this, addressing the audience directly in the first person makes more sense.

7. Make It Simple

If you want to make the content more concise and crisp, stick to short sentences to convey the message. Restrict using adjectives and adverbs to keep the sentences snappy. You need to provide examples to let the readers visualize the messages. Professional website content writing services have what it takes to go ahead of the rest. Content Freelancing is a hub of expert writers who know how to produce appropriate business content without making those sloppy mistakes.
Grabbing the attention of the customers should be the sole aim of producing website content to stand out from the crowd. But allow the customers to breathe while giving descriptive information to fulfill the business goals.


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