Dedicated Server vs VPS Hosting: Which is Singapore’s best website?


Both VPS and Dedicated servers in Singapore give you some of the same resources , but the price point is slightly different. So determining the right server is necessary. They both vary in terms of performance speed, Storage capacity, and price factor. Other than shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers are the main players in the hosting industry.

What is a Dedicated Server in Singapore?

In a dedicated server, you will have full control over your server resources. This is a physical machine that is allocated to you. The machine’s configuration, administration, and operating system are under your control. With Dedicated Server in Singapore you can choose your storage and network capacity, as well as your security level, at an affordable price.
If you have an E-commerce website or gaming website, then you can customize your server as per your business needs It serves you multiple features, like –

● A Service Level Agreement with an uptime value of 99.90%.
● You can customize your resources as per your choice
● 24*7 Technical Support
● Anti DDoS protection against malware attacks
● Backing up your data and storing your configured files

What is VPS hosting?

It is a virtual environment based on a physical server. Processor and storage workloads are shared with other independent VPSs. In dedicated mode, you don’t need to worry about managing your hardware. VPS is much cheaper than a dedicated Server in Singapore. For example, if your server has 6 GB of RAM storage, your VPS will get 1 GB of that 6 GB. In this case, you are not sharing that 1 GB with anyone, it’s totally yours.

You cannot customize the hardware according to your needs because you are a tenant on that server. You only have a limited set of resources, like RAM and bandwidth. Each virtualization environment is connected to the server using an application called the hypervisor. VPS is an upgrade level of shared hosting and web hosting that allows the user full root access to control the server.

VPS or Dedicated Server Singapore: Which one is best for your Business Website?

In terms of usability

We recommend VPS hosting for those users who want their website to adapt to any situation. VPS has the flexibility to work in any circumstance. If your website experiences high traffic or any fluctuation, then the VPS hypervisor allocates the resources. That means your user will not dig into your performance level. It will also be cost-effective.

Unlike a dedicated server in Singapore, if you have large user traffic and are experiencing heavy loads, then planning for a dedicated server is important. You won’t have to worry about a performance dip in your server. This is relatively expensive, but it provides a high-quality experience.

In terms of allocating resources,

In a VPS, you are sharing your resources with other users. Take the example of pizza. You are sharing every slice, every drink, and even those dips with other customers. If someone leaves the space, then you can enjoy it more, but it’s rare.

But on a Dedicated server in Singapore, you are the real owner of your pizza and are not sharing it with any other users. If it is small, large, or medium, whatever you need, it is all yours to utilize as per your choice. You paid a higher amount, but you get the benefit of using the whole of your space.

In terms of security

VPS hosting is not more secure than dedicated hosting in Singapore because someone else is also utilizing your space, so there is no privacy. If you live in a block of flats and a flatmate leaves the door open to your building (if some other website has a security issue), then you may also be at risk.

Then a dedicated server in Singapore plays a major role in this; this is highly secured. When you pay extra, you will get extra benefits in terms of security. The server is all yours to operate; no one is interfering, so it proves to be a secure one. It also provides an SSL Certificate & network monitoring to secure your website.

How can Serverwala help you host your website on Dedicated servers in Singapore?

Now, after deciding on the appropriate hosting for your website. Now you’re confused about which web hosting provider to pick.
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Choose the server that is most suitable for your website as per the response they are getting from their users. If you are experiencing higher traffic, then go to a dedicated server in Singapore. If you need a little more security than shared hosting, then pay for VPS hosting. VPS is much cheaper than dedicated servers, so if your budget is low, VPS is the best way for you to host your website. Both have their pros and cons, so check first before buying anything for your website.



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