Dodocool DC39 Extender Setup

It’s simple to do your Dodocool DC39 Extender setup. Connect it to an electrical socket, join its WiFi network, and use the IP address that is provided in your browser to open the setup screen. With a quick and simple setup process, you can quickly expand your WiFi coverage by following the on-screen directions.

Dodocool DC39 Extender Setup via ap.setup OR 192.168.10

  1. The DC39 extender is ready for setup when it is attached straight to the green light electrical connection.
  2. Now, select WiFi on your computer or mobile device to establish a connection to your Wireless-N network. This is the Dodocool Extender network’s default term.
  3. You can use the address bar to input ap.setup or open the Chrome form’s IP address,
  4. You can open the DC39 extender setup page and enter “admin” for the password and username.
  5. On the machine displaying the network list, scanning gets started. Select the primary WiFi network and enter the password from the list.
  6. The setup will reset after applying, which could take up to 50 seconds. You’re going to get online. Your home network will be Extender.

Dodocool Wifi Extender setup via WPS Method

  1. The extender must be connected to an electrical socket.
  2. It needs to be placed close to your router. When the green light blinks, the Dodocool dc39 extender can begin to be configured.
  3. Ensure that the DC39 extender is set to the correct move from router mode, signal repeater mode, or range extender mode.
  4. In two minutes, press the WPS button on the new range extender setup and the WPS button on your router. The extender has a Dodocool WPS push button on the side.
  5. On the extender, you’ll notice that the router and WPS indication are both flashing. Additionally, the DC39’s Wi-Fi light may change completely until it is configured.
  6. You can now connect your computer to the area without WiFi by transferring the extender.

NOTE : If you need any help regarding your wavelink wifi range extender, get in touch with the technician or visit the official web site for the wavlink wifi extender setup.

Dodocool DC39 Extender setup via Manual Method

  1. Wait for the Dodocool DC39 Extender to turn on after connecting it.
  2. Link the device to the extender’s WiFi network.
  3. Enter “” in the address bar of an open web browser.
  4. Use the default credentials to log in.
  5. To configure the extender with your current WiFi network, follow the setup procedure.
  6. Once set up, make use of increased WiFi coverage all across your room.

Dodocool DC39 WiFi Range Extender Login Steps

  1. Connect the device to the WiFi network of the Dodocool DC39 Extender.
  2. In the address box of an open web browser, type “”
  3. Type in your typical login information, which is often “admin” for both.
  4. In order to access the extender’s settings, click “Login.”
  5. Now that you’re signed in, you may control your Dodocool DC39 Extender.
  6. For best results, make any required configuration or parameter changes.

Firmware Update: Dodocool DC39 Extender

  1. Use a browser to access the web interface of the Dodocool DC39 Extender.
  2. Click to the options menu and select the option for firmware update.
  3. Go to the Dodocool website and download the most recent firmware.
  4. To begin the update process, upload the firmware file to the extender.
  5. Wait for the update’s completion and, if required, the extender’s reboot.
  6. After that, the most recent firmware for your Dodocool DC39 Extender will be installed, improving both security and performance.

Dodocool DC39 Reset Process

  1. Find the Dodocool DC39 Extender’s reset button.
  2. Press and hold the reset button for ten seconds using a paperclip.
  3. The moment the LED lights begin to flash, release the button.
  4. Wait until the extender restarts and returns to its original setup.
  5. After the reset, adjust the extender as needed.


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