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Employee Attendance Tracking Software: 5 Reasons to Use!

Employee Attendance Tracking Software: Manage Your Staff’s Attendance Seamlessly

Still reliant on manual, paper-based, and outdated methods to record your employees’ attendance? If yes, let me disappoint you while affirming that it’s not the right approach.

Paper-based methods bring inaccuracies and errors that could disturb your overall business flow. So, how do I get rid of it? Using employee attendance tracking software. When you have the software in place, you can calmly manage all your field employees’ attendance, irrespective of their locations.

The software offers real-time tracking, updates about employees’ whereabouts, live workforce monitoring, etc. Let’s look at other remarkable offerings provided by the centralized attendance system in this guide.

How Does Employee Attendance Tracking Software: Manage Staff’s Attendance?

1.   Image Verification

Field executives using the software can click their snaps, consisting of a lat-long description of the location. Managers, after assessing the images and confirming the length, grant their employees attendance. This way, managers are under no threat that they are deceived in any way by executives. Most employee attendance tracking software consists of this feature to help managers validate the employees’ availability.

2.   Geofenced Attendance Marking

Working on different sites can make executives log in early before arriving at the actual destination. This could generate a bad habit among employees, and they could be inclined toward time theft and unproductivity. But, guess what? Geofenced attendance works as an ultimate savior for your field organization. It does not let your field technicians log in from anywhere. They have to be presented at a specific location to mark their attendance.

Using geofence attendance, managers create geofence around a specific area. So, whenever an employee enters that area, from that moment on, he can mark his attendance. Geofenced attendance has favored many field organizations in achieving the productivity level of their employees. Now, it’s your turn to utilize it for its incredible benefits.

3.   Employee Tracking

“Calling and then acknowledging your employees’ location, activities, tasks, etc.” Is what you follow in this age and time? If yes, it’s time to avoid it and facilitate attendance tracking software for accurate employee tracking. Using the software, you can seamlessly learn about your employees’ whereabouts, status on their tasks, distance traveled, etc. That too, without the urge to call or mail them.

Real-time employee tracking comes in handy when you use employee attendance tracking software. That helps make all your field processes smooth and hassle-free. Even in the workforce monitoring software featuring GPS, geocoded, and geofenced advancements, you will enjoy real-time employee tracking.

4.   Eliminate Attendance Threats

Duplicate entries, manual errors, buddy punching, time theft, and extended breaks, are some common attendance threats faced by the field organization when they favor manual methods. However, the scenario reclines to positivity using the best employee attendance management system.

The employees are tracked in real-time, so whenever they show unavailability due to any reason, you can instantly know. Instead of recording their complete working hours, you can assess and enter into the data the actual hours they work. This way, you avoid duplicate entries. Even manual errors have no place when the whole system gets automated and you no longer have to rely on manual records. Also, employees are provided with their own sign-in IDs and passwords. So, using the same ID for two employees is not possible because the system not only recognizes the corrupt employees but also tracks them in real-time. That’s how the system sorts out everything, from time theft, and duplicate entries, to extended breaks.

5.   Remove Data Theft

Natural calamities, employees’ dishonesty, and other various reasons can lead to the loss of data that you have been preserving in registers and papers for a long period of time. However, that’s not the case when you utilize a complete employee attendance management software.

Instead of securing your data on tons of hardware and paper, you can store everything about your employees’ working hours, task status, expense claims, order placement, etc., on an all-encompassing platform. So, the urge to look for different places to find that specific information will go away, and you will get everything in one place only. Moreover, you will have a whole package of other modules, like an expense management system and an order management system, to streamline all your field processes.

To Sum it Up!

Keeping track of employee’s working hours, login/out times, leave requests, etc., is not easy with traditional methods, especially while managing the field workforce. However, with modern-day solutions, it can become smoother and flawless. Therefore, what you need to do now is pick the right software. As the market is flooded with various options, pointing out the differences and choosing the best is a bit difficult.

But, don’t fret!

We have a name that will surely help you in managing your field workforce attendance. Well, it’s TrackoField! TrackoField incorporates geofence attendance marking, visual verification, live visibility into team strength, geocoded attendance making, effective leave management, and a lot more.

Instead, you will find other remarkable features like attendance regularization, offline tracking, biometric attendance, attendance-task linking, etc. To test out the tool on your field workforce, you can enroll yourself to use the software. Indeed, you will make the best out of this software and increase your employees’ productivity to a new level.

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