Get AirPlay 2 on Your Older LG Smart TV

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Although several smart TV manufacturers promised that AirPlay 2 and HomeKit would be coming to their models in early 2019, the rollout of these features has been sporadic for many vendors, especially when it comes to older models.

While Samsung was the first to embrace the entire Apple television ecosystem, from AirPlay to iTunes—an ironic twist given its position as Apple’s main smartphone competitor—many others have not only lagged but have also been inconsistent in terms of when and how new features arrive.

It is perhaps nowhere more evident than with LG, which added AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support to its 2020 lineup in January but waited another month to add the Apple TV app—but only to its 2019 models, despite initially promising that these features would be available to its 2018 sets as well.

LG didn’t add the Apple TV app to its 2018 OLED Smart TVs until September, but AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support remained conspicuously absent—a reversal of what happened earlier this year. Despite LG’s statement that it couldn’t “guarantee a seamless user experience” for AirPlay 2 on older models, a large petition urged the company to reconsider, and the good news is that it appears LG listened, at least in terms of the 2018 models.

According to MacRumors, LG has begun rolling out an update to at least some 2018 smart TV models, allowing users to stream videos, music, podcasts, and other content directly to an LG smart TV from their iPhone, iPad, or Mac. HomeKit support is also included, allowing users to use Apple’s Home app or Siri to control features like power and volume.

These characteristics are coming as part of a phased rollout, as with any firmware updates, and there doesn’t appear to be any way to speed up the process, so if you own a compatible LG smart TV, you’ll get it when you get it. LG hasn’t said which models will be supported, but it appears that it will be limited to its OLED TVs for the time being.

It also appears that LG was not lying when it said that the user experience on older TVs could be subpar, as several users have reported sluggish performance, particularly with HomeKit. HDR support over AirPlay 2 appears to be lacking.

While the first petition urged the company to bring these features to even older sets, dating back to 2016, it appears unlikely that older models would have the horsepower required to support these features; even Roku had to limit its updates to newer hardware for the same reasons.

Other brands, like Samsung, Sony, and Vizio, have been offering these features for a while, including Sony’s Android TV platform and LG’s newest 2020 NanoCell TVs. Samsung, on the other hand, continues to lead as the only manufacturer to support Apple Music.


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