Go Green, Grow Strong: Best Green Marketing Strategies for Your Brand

Green marketing sounds like a new buzzword. Well, if you want to appeal to millennials and Gen-Z, it’s best to learn this new word and apply relevant strategies for your brand. Green marketing involves creating sustainable products.

Why should I adopt green marketing?

Modern consumers are socially aware and care for the environment. Brands with green retail marketing strategies align with their values and gain an edge over the competition. Some of the most notable advantages of green marketing include:

  • Competitive edge: Sustainable products stand out in a saturated marketplace.
  • Brighter brand image: When you commit to sustainability, it shows that you care for the planet and helps paint a more positive brand image for your business.
  • Increased brand loyalty: Green marketing strategies often prove to be the best marketing ideas for retail stores since they help you foster unprecedented customer loyalty and trust

Now that you’re aware of the why, let’s explore the what.

Best green marketing strategies for your business:

1. Adopt green color in all marketing materials

Marketers, designers, and big brands are aware of the power of color and how it affects customer perception. If you’ve decided to adopt green marketing strategies and you’re in a product or service segment that allows you to position yourself as a green brand, go green in all your marketing materials.

  • Add a suitable shade of green to your logo, brochures, business cards, website, and other marketing materials.
  • Choose nature-inspired graphics like trees, leaves, rivers, and animals.
  • Select fonts that have a minimalist and clean aesthetic.

2. Get certified for being green

If you have switched to green suppliers, made your supply chain more efficient, and even gone as far as adopting renewable energy for powering your facilities, get certified for being an environmentally friendly brand. That’s the best way to show your customers that your words are backed by real effort and help boost and solidify your brand’s image.

Here are some of the certifications you may consider:

3. Help your customers support a good cause

You know what’s better than a discount? It’s the feeling of doing goodwell. It’s the best feeling you can provide to customers and one way to do that is to incentivize their purchase with a  good cause. Brands like Apple and Warby Parker have been using this strategy for years. For instance, when you buy Apple’s RED products, a portion of the proceeds goes towards fighting HIV/AIDS.

On the other hand, Warby Parker’s “buy Buy a pair, give a pair” program helps to provide glasses to less fortunate people around the globe when you buy their glasses. Both these programs are brilliant moves that can be adopted for your online retail marketing strategy. For instance, if you manufacture sustainable straws, launch a campaign to use a portion of the proceeds to clean out plastic from the ocean and be loud while promoting it.

4. Help out your community

Green brands are green all the way. However, when you are just starting out, your options are limited. That’s when you need to adopt guerilla marketing strategies to stretch your budget and promote your brand.

For instance, if you are a business that provides surfing and watersports gear, conduct recycling and beach cleaning initiatives with your employees. If you are an organic or vegan restaurant, consider feeding the homeless once a week or a month. Make sure to promote these drives and initiatives on social media and your own website.  

While you transform yourself into a green brand and adopt green marketing strategies, you must not let that turn into greenwashing. Greenwashing is the act where businesses spend more resources bragging about their sustainability instead of being actually eco-friendly. It’s a slippery slope that must be avoided at all costs. Do you want to protect the environment and have a treasure trove of green business ideas? Write for us in our business blog to showcase your expertise on sustainable business practices. 


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