How to choose CUET Study Material?

CUET is one sought-after entrance exam among candidates who are seeking admission after completing their 12th grade. The exam demands preparation. However, looking for good CUET study material could be challenging. This article will acquaint you with some of the desirable features of CUET study material. It will help you choose the best from the pool of CUET study material.

CUET 2024: Overview

CUET is a centralised exam conducted to grant admission to various public universities.

Name of the exam Common University Entrance Test
Mode of Conduction Online, Computer Based Test
Participating Institutions 44 Central Universities
Official Website
Exam dates 15 May 2024 to 31 May 2024
Question Type MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)
Negative Marking Yes


CUET Syllabus

Language Test

This section of the CUET course concentrates on the linguistic skills of applicants. The candidates are required to select the language that will be evaluated through a language exam. One language from IA and one from IB must be chosen. The two sections make use of the following languages:

Languages under Section IA (13 in total)

Gujarati; English; Hindi; Kannada; Malayalam; Marathi; Telugu; Urdu; Tamil; Punjabi; Bengali; Assamese; Odiya.

Languages under Section IB (20 in total)

Konkani; Russian; Bodo; Tibetan; Dogri; French; Persian; Italian; Arabic;  Nepali; Sindhi; Spanish; German; Japanese; Chinese; Kashmiri; Manipuri; Santhali; Maithili; Sanskrit.

Domain Test

The applicants’ familiarity with the courses they studied in high school will be the main emphasis of this section of the CUET syllabus. The domain test gauges a candidate’s in-depth knowledge in a particular field.

Accountancy/ Book-keeping; Biology/ Biological Studies/ Biotechnology/ Biochemistry; Business Studies; Economics/ Business Economics; Chemistry; Computer Science/ Informatics Practices; Entrepreneurship; Engineering Graphics; Geography/Geology; History; Home Science; Legal Studies; Environmental Science; Mathematics; Physical Education/ NCC /Yoga; Physics; Political Science; Knowledge Tradition and Practices of India; Psychology; Sociology; Agriculture; Mass Media/ Mass Communication; Teaching Aptitude; Anthropology; Fine Arts/Visual Arts (Sculpture/ Painting)/Commercial Arts; Performing Arts – (i) Dance (Kathak/ Bharatnatyam/Odissi/Kathakali/Kuchipudi/ Manipuri (ii) Drama- Theatre (iii) Music General (Hindustani/ Carnatic/ RabindraSangeet/ Percussion/ Non-Percussion); Sanskrit

General Test

The candidates are also assessed for their general knowledge and quantitative, logical and analytical reasoning skills, along with language and subject knowledge. These components help in the holistic evaluation of the candidate. This section includes questions from the following topics:

General Knowledge; Current affairs; General Mental Ability; Numerical Abilities; Quantitative reasoning (Simple application of basic mathematical concepts arithmetic/algebra/geometry/mensuration/ statistics taught till 8th Grade); Logical and Analytical Reasoning. 

Good CUET Study Material: Features

Choosing the right study material for the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) is crucial for effective preparation and achieving a good score. Here’s a comprehensive guide to selecting the best CUET study materials:

Align with the CUET Syllabus

Ensure the study material adheres to the latest CUET syllabus, covering all the prescribed topics and sub-topics. Refer to the official CUET syllabus provided by the National Testing Agency (NTA) to verify the scope of the material.

Consider Renowned Publications

Opt for study material from reputable publications known for their accuracy, quality, and adherence to the CUET exam pattern. These publications have a history of producing reliable study resources that meet the demands of the exam.

Subject-Specific Expertise

Choose subject-specific material written by experienced and qualified authors who are experts in their respective fields. Their expertise will ensure that the concepts are explained clearly, accurately, and in a manner that aligns with the CUET exam expectations.

Comprehensive Coverage

Select study material that provides comprehensive coverage of all the topics and concepts within each subject. It should delve into the intricacies of the subject matter, providing in-depth explanations and examples.

Updated and Relevant Content

Ensure the study material is up-to-date and reflects the latest trends, advancements, and changes in the respective subjects. Avoid outdated or irrelevant material that may not be in line with the current CUET exam pattern.

Practice Questions and Mock Tests

Incorporate study material that includes a substantial number of practice questions, sample papers, and mock tests. These resources allow you to test your understanding, identify areas for improvement, and familiarize yourself with the exam format.

Previous Year Question Papers

Utilize previous-year question papers to gain insights into the type of questions asked in the CUET exam. Analyzing past papers helps you understand the exam pattern, question difficulty level, and marking scheme.

Online Resources and Platforms

Explore credible online resources, such as educational websites, YouTube channels, and interactive learning platforms, for supplemental study material. These resources can provide additional explanations, practice questions, and expert guidance.

Seek Recommendations

Consult with teachers, academic advisors, or fellow students who have successfully prepared for the CUET exam. Their recommendations can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of specific study materials.

Trial and Evaluation

Before committing to a particular study material, try out different options and evaluate their suitability for your learning style and preferences. Assess the material’s clarity, depth, and effectiveness in helping you grasp the concepts.

Remember, the key to choosing good CUET study material is to find resources that align with your learning needs, provide comprehensive coverage, and are tailored to the CUET exam pattern. With careful selection and diligent preparation, you can increase your chances of achieving a successful outcome in the CUET exam.


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