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How To Fix Crawled – Currently Not Indexed By Google Issue?

Google’s search engine is fully automated and uses software known as web crawlers to explore the web regularly and find pages to add to the index. Crawled—Currently Not Indexed By Google is a status for pages that Google has Crawled but decided not to add to the search index. This problem prevents the URL from appearing in search results.

Read the entire article if you are facing a “Crawled-Currently Not Indexed” issue for the pages that Google has already crawled but decided not to add to its search index.

Google does not index all of the pages you submit, and there can be many reasons for this. Google has not clarified why a page does not get indexed, but it is believed that pages that get this status are considered not to be of sufficient quality or have some technical issues for indexing. 

Importance Of Fixing “Crawled-Currently Not Indexed” Status

Indexing in Google refers to search engine bots crawling web pages and saving a copy of all information on index servers. It is important as it allows the search engine to understand the content and relevance of your website.

Now that you know how important it is to fix the “Crawled—Currently Not Indexed” problem if you want to drive traffic to your site, let’s take a look at “how” to fix it.

How To Fix

Fixing the Crawled Currently Not Indexed by Google status can be challenging, but the following points can help you solve it:

Improve The Quality Of Content

Providing high-quality content is the first and most important step in getting your page indexed by Google. Ensure your content is SEO-friendly, unique, engaging, and valuable to the user. SEO-friendly content helps reach the target audience and adds value to the audience.

Quality content is attractive to not only users but to Google as well. Try updating your website with new, optimized content to let Google know that it is active and worth revisiting for indexing.

(Pro Tip: Remove or refresh outdated, duplicate, irrelevant content to make your site more high-quality.)

Maintain Internal Linking

Both users and search engines use links to find content on your website. Google might decide that a page is not worth indexing due to poor internal link management. Maintaining internal linking from important pages on your site signals Google that the content is valuable.

Maintain an SEO strategy that has a clean and organized internal link structure.

Manage Website Design

A well-optimized website is more likely to be indexed by Google. It is important to maintain the structure of your website with proper navigation to ensure that search engines can understand and rank it accordingly.

A poorly designed website can prevent Google from indexing it.

Look For The Errors

Your server access logs record all requests made to your site. Check for errors to uncover bot crawl failures. You can go to the Google URL Inspection Tool. It provides information about the URL, whether it is indexed, the last crawl date, crawl errors, and security issues. Use this tool to review the coverage report for any specific errors that might be preventing indexing.

Submit Re-Crawling Request

After addressing possible issues on your site, submit a re-crawling request to bring the Google crawler back. Use the URL Inspection Tool to manually submit URLs for crawling. It can help Google revisit your page for indexing.

It is important to know that re-crawling requests don’t guarantee indexing but there is a possibility of getting indexed by Google.

Keep Your Eyes On Index Coverage

Regularly checking the index coverage report in Google Search Console can provide valuable updates and resolve the “Crawled—Currently Not Indexed” issue. Index coverage is a great step in understanding how your website is being viewed or crawled by Google.

Importance Of Crawling In SEO

Crawling in SEO is essential because it helps search engines understand your website. When a search query is performed, search engines only show relevant results if your website is indexed. It is important to index pages on Google because unindexed pages won’t appear in the search results.

Try the given steps to solve the Crawled—Currently Not Indexed By Google status. If you still need help and want an SEO expert to solve this problem, contact us to level up your SEO. We provide the best SEO services at an affordable cost with the best results.


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