How to Get Rid of Nervousness to Speak English Confidently

English speaking is a must nowadays, and if we are unable to speak English fluently, we feel nervous. Nervousness is a feeling of uneasiness when we are unable to express ourselves. Many people face the problem of nervousness while speaking English because it is not their first language. However, there are many ways to get rid of nervousness and speak English confidently. In this blog post, we are going to discuss how to get rid of nervousness and speak English confidently.

How do you feel during nervousness?

  • Hesitant
  • Scared
  • Fumble
  • Anxious
  • Irritated

What is your answer to the above question?

Whatever your answer, you can always overcome things with the correct guidance and effort. Now let’s see how to get rid of nervousness

How do I get rid of nervousness?

Let’s dive into the topic and answer the question


Nervousness can be removed when you have the knowledge. Complete knowledge of any field makes you confident. Once you know that what you are saying is correct, it makes you confident, and you don’t feel nervous. Therefore, knowledge is the first step to getting rid of nervousness.

How to express your knowledge

The second challenge is to express your knowledge in a language that is understood by everyone. It means you should know the language that is common to everyone. People love to listen only when they understand, and they will give you their time. Therefore, you should know the language that is a global language, i.e., English.


Once you know that you can express yourself in the English language, you need to speak English confidently. You can practice English with friends, family members, or professional trainers. There are institutes like O3 Online Spoken English Classes that provide training in English speaking online.


Focus is another big factor that helps you to get rid of nervousness. If you are learning a new language, you need to focus on expressing yourself clearly. There is no need to worry about your mistakes. Just focus and speak English confidently.

Listen carefully

Listening carefully will help you speak English confidently because it will improve your understanding of how to express yourself and become fluent.


Observe as much as you can. When you start observing things around you, you will see that you have started building confidence, you can speak English, and you have improved your performance.

How can online spoken English classes be beneficial?

Online spoken English classes can be the best way to overcome a nervous learner’s nervousness because here some fixed strategies are applied to get rid of nervousness. The trainers focus on a particular student and provide them with individual training as per their requirements.

Some key points about online spoken English classes are:

Personal Attention

Students are provided individual training so that they are not afraid to speak English. Once they build confidence to speak English, they start speaking in familiar and later in unfamiliar situations. Therefore, one-on-one training is proven to be the best for students who don’t want to face the fear of judgment.


Flexibility helps more and more students enroll in online spoken English classes and upgrade themselves. Nowadays, everyone wants to start working early, so they need flexibility to learn a new language or a skill. Hence, flexibility motivates learners to learn a new language as per their schedule and convenience. Online learning a language is a tried and tested method to avail of flexibility.

Affordable Courses

Online Spoken English Classes at O3 Online Spoken English Classes are the most affordable English Speaking Online courses in Delhi that help you improve your English communication. These pocket-friendly courses are made for students from the basic to the advanced level and customized as per the requirements.


To get rid of nervousness and speak English confidently, you should know the ways to overcome it and how to start your language learning journey where you get personalized attention, flexibility, affordable courses, a good environment, and the opportunity to speak English confidently.


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