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Innovative Door Technology: 7 smart features found in Door Collections

The type of door you install in your home, along with its aesthetics, texture, and color, speaks a lot about your personality. However, the quality and durability of doors matter a lot when it comes to retaining your personality for many years. With CenturyPly’s door collections, you can be assured of not just style, but also long-lasting value. 

From laminated doors to plain flush doors, veneer doors, and panel-molded doors, there is a whole range of custom-tailored doors to meet your expectations. They are also available in countless decorative designs, textures, patterns, and colors to upgrade your interior design and create a space that truly excites you. 

So, scroll through this post to explore the unheard magic features found in CenturyPly’s door collection.

7 Unique Features of CenturyPly’s Latest Door Collections

CenturyPly doors are a must for every modern home. With the ability to customize, these doors are available in all kinds of finishes and designs, so that you can choose based on your style, requirements, and home’s dimensions.

Drifting away from aesthetics, some special features are incorporated while manufacturing these doors, which you cannot find in other brands. So, check out its unique specialities here;

  1. Maximum Durability and Strength

Besides aesthetics, the strength of the Door Collections determines its ability to survive for many years, especially if you install it in your entrance apart from your rooms. That’s why the CenturyPly door collection has a bend-proof feature that ensures the installed doors will last a lifetime. 

Also, they can withstand slamming by children at home or in windy weather conditions and are easy targets to chip off the door sides. This slam-proof technology has uncompromised molecular-level characteristics to prevent the door’s external and internal damage.

Thirdly, the doors are designed to be warp-resistant to withstand contractions and expansions. While manufacturing, they are provided with a small slit in the battens to aid in contracting during winter and expanding during summer. As a result, the smooth surface of the door remains without undulations for many years. 

Finally, to ensure customer trust, all CenturyPly doors comply with the standards of IS 2202 certification to ensure durability and strength. 

  1. Boiling Water Proof

If you are installing a door collection at your entrance, it is essential to note whether it can withstand extreme moisture and heat to avoid frequent changes or repairs. However, at CenturyPly, you can be carefree about this major issue because of the BWP technology that goes into engineering these doors, making it available for installation in any room of your house. 

Interestingly, for those who are afraid of high moisture damage to the doors, the manufacturers of this brand have additionally used phenol formaldehyde adhesive with the patented GLP technology to provide your doors with maximum waterproof protection.

  1. Pest Proof

It is a common fact that Door Collections ageing simultaneously attracts different kinds of pests. However, you can be stress-free of this issue while purchasing with the CenturyPly door collection. While manufacturing, the wood undergoes a kiln drying seasoning, where a certain desired moisture is obtained while drying the timber. During this sterilization process, all the insect and fungal defects in the wood are eliminated. 

  1. Dirt Proof

In the post-pandemic years, hygiene has become a prime concern for people of all ages. So, maintaining sanitation on doors is of top priority, as they are often touched. That’s why a new technology must be installed in the doors to ensure they are clean round the clock.

This feature is available at all CenturyPly doors, and is known as the Virokill technology. The prime aim of applying this feature to doors is to ensure they are 99.9% free from microbes and pathogens that transfer through direct contact with them. 

  1. Sustainable Doors

Being eco-conscious is essential in this era. Not many brands offer a sustainable option for door materials during manufacturing. That’s why CenturyPly’s door ranges are special in this regard. 

There is a whole collection of specially designed doors, including decorative doors, flush doors, and panel-molded doors, that offer premium quality, functionality, and pocket-friendly options. 

  1. Wide Applicability

Usually, doors get classified based on specific criteria depending on location and usage, and selecting them might be a time-consuming process and hard work. This notion is contradictory at CenturyPly, as all the Door Collections ranges are versatile, meaning they can be installed in any part of your home. This is because they are pre-engineered to cater to all kinds of requirements, thereby easing the burden on customers.

  1. Exciting Warranty

 Each CenturyPly Door Collection has an extensive warranty period covering its texture, finish, and shine. The warranty period ranges from 5 to 25 years. For instance, the main entrance is 5 years old from the day of fitting.


Those were all the exciting features you can experience when buying CenturyPly doors. Now, it’s time to hurry to invest in your favourite door based on your priorities to safeguard your room’s privacy. Recently, to simplify your choices, CenturyPly introduced the CenturyEshop, which is full of amazing products that you can order online and have delivered to your doorstep!


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