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Is An Electric Fireplace a Good Heating Solution?

Whether it is because you live in an apartment and you are not the owner, for security reasons, or because it requires too much maintenance, there are many reasons preventing you from having a traditional fireplace. But that doesn’t mean we should give up on this desire. Full of resources and advantages, the electric fireplace is becoming more and more popular. Is this a good heating solution? What are the advantages? We will answer your questions.

How does an electric fireplace work?

A perfect representation of a traditional fireplace, an electric fireplace is a means of electric heating with the appearance of a traditional fireplace. More technically speaking, this means of heating creates heat thanks to the resistances present behind or above the logs and thanks to a fan that blows the hot air created towards the outside. As for the illusion of flames, it is produced by light bulbs, and then the light is projected in three dimensions. We then quickly understand what the advantages of such a heating method can be.

In flame-only mode, with an electric fireplace, consumption is almost zero when the flame function is produced by LED technology.

With an electric fireplace, you will save money by using the flames alone. Whether it’s time, money, or energy, this fireplace is truly economical thanks to its false flame system.

In addition, all the constraints of a traditional fireplace disappear. Finally, even when purchased, the electric fireplace is less expensive. A high-end electric fireplace model costs around 1,500 dollars (complete with factory-fitted furniture), while a traditional fireplace costs around 6,000 dollars without counting maintenance, chimney sweeping, and inconvenience.

No smoke exhaust pipe or ventilation is required to remove combustion gases from the actual chimney, which causes drafts. With An electric burner, the fire is independent of the heating and can be enjoyed alone.

The heating, regulated by a thermostat, which does not exceed the power of 2000 watts (especially appreciated for supplementary heating or in the off-season) is distributed thanks to ventilation and is better distributed throughout the room, unlike the traditional fireplace which remains a hot spot whose heat remains concentrated in the immediate surroundings and does not diffuse at all.

A better way of heating

In addition to saving money, the electric fireplace has other advantages (see the advantages of electric fireplaces). Firstly, it is easy to install; it can be installed anywhere, in an apartment as well as in a house, a veranda, a mobile home, and many other living spaces. On the other hand, since the flames are false flames, there is no risk of fire. If you approach the flames (child or adult), there is no risk of burns. Finally, know that it heats well, much better than a classic electric radiator.

A tailor-made electric fireplace for your interior

Finally, the electric fireplace is a real decorative element that you can personalize as you wish. From the choice of logs to the flames to the material of the fireplace, including the size, you are free to adapt it to the style of your interior. Finally, a fireplace that matches your decoration.

Therefore, the electric fireplace has it all. With efficient heating, economical combustion, without smoke or gas, security, and customization, it is a real fireplace without the disadvantages. So, what are you waiting for?


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