Re.rockspace.local Setup

Connect your Re.rockspace.local device to your network and start a web browser to get it set up. Enter “Re.rockspace.local” into the address bar, set up your device by following the on-screen instructions, and alter the WiFi name and password, among other options. Your Re.rockspace.local device will then be operational and able to expand your WiFi coverage with ease.

Rockspace Extender Setup-re.rockspace.local

  1. Click on the WiFi on the Rockspace extender and plug it in.
  2. Go to “re.rockspace.local” in an open browser.
  3. Create login credentials and follow the setup process.
  4. To extend a WiFi network, select it and provide a password.
  5. As the extender configures its parameters, wait.
  6. After finishing, link devices to the expanded WiFi network.

Can’t access re.rockspace.local?

  1. Make sure your device is linked to the WiFi network of the Rockspace extender.
  2. Try typing “re.rockspace.local” into the address bar of an open web browser.
  3. If it doesn’t work, try the IP address of the extender.
  4. Check if any firewall or antivirus settings are preventing you from accessing the setup page.
  5. Try accessing the setup screen again after resetting the extender by holding down the reset button for ten seconds if the problems continue

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Rockspace Extender Setup Using WPS Button

  1. Place Rockspace extender next to the router and plug it in.
  2. The WPS button on the extender should be pressed until the LED blinks.
  3. Press the router’s WPS button after two minutes.
  4. Hold off until the WPS LED on the extender is solid.
  5. Place the extender where you want it.
  6. Link devices to a larger WiFi network.

Rockspace wifi Range extender setup by Manual method

  1. Insert the Rockspace extender next to the router.
  2. Connect the device to the WiFi network of the extender.
  3. Go to “re.rockspace.local” or “” in an open browser.
  4. Use the default login information or register for a new account.
  5. To adjust the extender parameters, follow the setup tutorial.
  6. To improve coverage, connect devices to an expanded WiFi network.

Reset process Rockspace Extender

  1. Check for the Rockspace extender’s reset button.
  2. Using a paperclip, press and hold the reset button for ten seconds.
  3. When the LED lights begin to blink, release the button.
  4. Wait for the reboot and factory reset of the extender.


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