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Tiny Kitchen Hacks: How to Maximise Space and Minimise Chaos?

A cluttered kitchen is a scene right out of nightmares. It presents many challenges and can make your work a lot more difficult than it needs to be. When you invite guests over, it becomes even more chaotic, as the kitchen tends to become a focal point during gatherings. Fortunately, you can fix that with smart renovation strategies.

At times, the kitchen becomes the centre of your home, and that’s why the best home renovations in Kelowna always include this space in the project. It is a place where meals get cooked, conversations are started, and bonds are strengthened. Even if it is small, it deserves a significant fraction of your home renovation budget.

Renovation tips and hacks for small kitchens:

1. Be smart with the kitchen floor plan

The most efficient kitchens are those that form a triangle with three key elements. These include:

  • A side dedicated to the sink for cleaning and food prep
  • A side dedicated to the stove for cooking your meals
  • A side dedicated to the refrigerator for storage

When arranged properly, these sides come together for perfect harmony and maximise the efficiency of your workflow. Small kitchens can’t accommodate an island or extravagant features that hog up space. That’s why it’s best to maximise efficiency. If you have an open floor plan, you can also choose to add a breakfast counter for kitchen renovation in Kelowna. 

2. Choose small appliances

Some appliances tend to be large, and there’s no way to compromise on them. For instance, if you live in suburbia, your trips to the grocery store would be once or twice a month, which translates to investing in a large refrigerator. The sample holds with the oven if you plan to host parties and invite guests often.

However, there are other appliances that can be compact without any major compromises. For instance, slim dishwashers, skinny cooktops, compact range hoods, tiny coffee machines, and more such appliances can maximise the space inside your kitchen and allow you to add more features.

3. Remove clutter

This is more of an organisation tip than a renovation tip. If you allow things to pile up in your kitchen, things will get messy very quickly. A bent spoon from last year, a toaster that doesn’t work, and cutting boards that have become rough beyond use—all these things are clutter. They need to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible to minimise wasted space inside the kitchen. It’s also important to set designated places for every item.

4. Optimize storage

Your storage options need to be very efficient when you have a small kitchen. Start with the corner spaces in your kitchen. They are some of the most underutilised spaces in your kitchen. However, there are corner drawers, rotating shelves, and other convenient options that can change that. Kelowna home builders can suggest the best options suitable for your needs.

Have a ton of utensils, pats, and pons run out of cabinet storage? Make use of the ceiling with a hanging metal rack to hang all the utensils, lids, and pans you can. If you can add a warm light at the centre of the hanging rack, it becomes an attractive piece that delivers both functional and ornamental needs. On the other hand, if you have under-cabinet drawers, use dividers and pull-out trays to make finding things easier for yourself. That helps you waste less time in your small kitchen.   

5. Use magnets for holding things

Wooden knife blocks look pristine. When knives of varying thickness and quality are stacked on the block, they look wonderful and make you feel like a master chef. However, they are very wasteful. Instead, you can save a ton of horizontal space in your drawers and on the counter by adding strong magnetic holders to the kitchen backsplash.

These holders can also go on the side of the cabinet to maximise space-saving. Strong enough to hold even your heavy butcher knives, these holders never disappoint. Moreover, they are most probably the most affordable improvement that saves space and frees up more space for storing other things.

When it comes to home renovations in Kelowna, the kitchen usually stands out as the number one priority. Don’t let a small kitchen limit you in any way. Use these renovation tips to maximise its potential to make the most out of it. 


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