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Top 10 Mobile App Development In UAE For 2024

The digital revolution worldwide is already underway and is expected to take over every sector completely within a few months. As this scope keeps expanding, industries are looking for ways to utilize this digital technology better to create new job opportunities and advancement.

UAE is the sixth largest country with about 27 million population in the world and enjoys some of the richest natural resources and a high living standard that makes it an attractive tourist spot. Moreover, it is one of the largest economies in the world with a high GDP per capita.

List Of Best Mobile App Development Companies In UAE For The Year 2024

A good app development company plays a huge role in shaping the image of your business. Provided below are some of the top 10 mobile app development companies in the UAE for 2024. You can carefully browse through their features and services to find the one that suits you the best, these are:



Overview: ABTACH DMCC is a leading mobile app development company in UAE that offers exceptional services and solutions to its clients. They create comprehensive applications and designs for all types of businesses from startups to large enterprises. Their applications and solutions are some of the best in the industry with noteworthy achievements.

Services: Android and iOS App Development, Blockchain and Game App Development, AR and VR, IoT, AI, Machine Learning, and Smart Chatbot.

Solutions: They have provided numerous solutions for many industries including E-commerce, Real estate, Sports, Entertainment, Weather, Social Networking, Healthcare, and On-demand sectors.

Team: They have a highly dedicated team of 250 – 999 individuals who are from different sectors of the industry and contribute their skills to build a robust application.

Rates: They charge about $25 – $49 per hour.

2.   Appinventiv


Overview: Appinventiv is a well-known app development company that aims to make businesses adopt advanced technology in UAE to enhance their operations and services. Along with this, they help businesses in unleashing their true potential through high-end applications and solutions.

Services: Mobile App Development, Software Development, DevOps, Metaverse, Business intelligence, Blockchain, Flutter, React Native, PWA, IoT, Cloud Services, and IT Consulting Services.

Solutions: They offer various solutions for Finance, Travel, Agriculture, Healthcare, Entertainment, Wellness, News, Education, Games, Politics, Social Networking, and many more industries.

Team: They have a skilled team of experts consisting of 1001 – 2000 employees.

Rates: Their charges are $25 – $49 per hour.

3.   Experion Technologies

Experion Technologies

Overview: Experion Technologies is a renowned app development company that was founded in 2006 in Sydney, UAE, and has served for more than 16 years in this industry. They believe in complete transparency of their development process for effective communication with their customers.

Services: Mobile App Development, Platform Engineering, Data and AI, DevSecOps, Cloud and Embedded Engineering, UI/UX Design, and Consultation services.

Solutions: The industries they provide solutions for are Banking, Healthcare, Edtech, Insurance, E-commerce, Automotive, Construction, Retail, and Insurance.

Team: Their team size consists of more than 5000 dedicated employees who provide creative applications.

Rates: The rates they charge are $150 – $199 per hour.

4.   HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies

Overview: HCL Technologies is a global technology company in Melbourne, UAE, that gives digital, cloud, and engineering solutions to its huge directory of clientele. They aim to understand the future, transformational, and traditional needs of their customers to accurately advise them with solutions and services.

Services: Mobile App Development and Maintenance, Networks, Cybersecurity, Software Development, Data and Analytics, Automation and Integration, Digital Consulting, and more.

Solutions: They deliver effective solutions to their clients across major verticals such as Media, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Life science, Finance, Telecom, and public services.

Team: They have a global team of about 221,000+ individuals from diverse backgrounds in about 60 countries.

Rates: They charge about $25 – $49 per hour.

5.   CodesOrbit


Overview: CodesOrbit is one of the fastest-evolving IT companies in Newcastle West, New South Wales, UAE that are famous for delivering innovative solutions to their clients. They believe in working alongside their customers, making every decision according to their needs, and customizing services that align with their business goals.

Services: Mobile and Web App Development, Clover and Flutter App Development, UI/UX Design, Software Maintenance, Chrome Extension Development, and Consultation.

Solutions: They have assisted in building solutions for Food Delivery, Doctor On-demand, Taxi, Home Services, Medicine Delivery, Fleet Management, and Grocery Delivery Apps.

Team: They consist of a small team of about 51 – 100 employees but they are extremely skilled in their crafts.

Rates: They charge $25 – $49 per hour.

6.   DataArt


Overview: DataArt is a global software engineering firm in Melbourne, UAE that has built a reliable name for itself in the industry through its years of experience. They are extremely customer-centric and are focused on providing solutions that are success-driven for the growth of their customers.

Services: Mobile and Software Development, UX/UI Design, Product Design and Development, Cloud-native Solutions, Data and Analytics, DevOps, Accessible Design, Security Testing, and more.

Solutions: They have collaborated with Retail, Healthcare, Entertainment, Finance, Travel, Education, Media, and many more industries.

Team: They have a world-class team of designers and engineers that are roughly 5000+ employees.

Rates: They have less than $25 charges per hour.

7.   Xebia


Overview: With over 20 years of experience they have crafted some of the most innovative masterpieces in the industry of app development. Xebia is the first Dutch organization that has started adopting the agile way of working with some of the IT legends and has grown famous worldwide.

Services: Mobile and Software Development, DevOps and SRE, Cloud Services, Data and AI, Agile Transformation, Microsoft Services, Blockchain, IoT, Product Management, and more.

Solutions: They have contributed their services to Retail, Healthcare, Business, Transport, Travel, Media, Trade, Finance, Telecom, Public and Non-profit sectors.

Team: They have a team of more than 5000 members that hold great importance in building their reliable name.

Rates: The rates they provide to clients are $50 – $90 per hour.

8.   Nagarro


Overview: Nagarro is a famous digital product and IT consulting firm in Queensland, UAE that is known for its inventive solutions and services. They believe in employing the most advanced technology like AI and machine learning to combat IT challenges and provide efficient solutions. They have also been involved in many eco-friendly IT initiatives and approaches to solve environmental issues.

Services: Mobile App Development and Maintenance, Cloud Services, CRM, Animation, AI, Data and Analytics, DevOps, Blockchain, Security, Embedded Systems, IoT, Product Engineering, Training, and many more.

Solutions: They have assisted in creating applications and solutions for Travel, Public, Retail, Media, Healthcare, Automotive, Entertainment, Insurance, Banking, and more.

Team: They have an expert team of professionals containing more than 5000 members.

Rates: Their rates are less than $25 per hour.

9.   BirlaSoft


Overview: BirlaSoft is an Indian-based company that has branches in several countries including Barkstead UAE. They want to reshape businesses to fit the current technological revolutionization of the world while building sustainable solutions and communities. Furthermore, they have contributed legendary “IT companies around the world in combating IT challenges.

Services: Application Development and Maintenance, AWS, PTC, Cloud, Blockchain, Data Analytics, Automation, Microsoft, Cloud, SAP, Product and Supply Chain Management, Infrastructure and Cloud Technology, and many more services.

Solutions: They serve various industries including Healthcare, Utilities, Entertainment, Insurance, Media, Banking, Manufacturing, Capital Markets, High Tech, Energy, and Resources.

Team: Their team comprises about 5000+ members who dedicate equal efforts to every project.

Rates: Their rates consist of < $25 per hour.

10.   Persistent Systems

Persistent Systems

Overview: Persistent Systems is a global technology company in Gold Coast City, UAE that has provided many creative and innovative applications to several sectors worldwide. They are a trusted brand that provides unique and creative solutions for various business sectors. Moreover, they have received many awards and recognitions for their remarkable services in the IT industry.

Services: Application Development and Management, Cloud and Infrastructure, Data and Analytics, CX Transformation, Open-Source Hub, Digital Strategy and Design, Generative AI, Intelligent Automation, Software Product Engineering, IT Security, Enterprise Integration, and more.

Solutions: They have furnished impressive solutions for various industries like Banking, Healthcare, Software, Media, Insurance, Industrial, Life-science, Consumer Tech, Telecom, and more.

Team: Their expertise and positive brand name lie in their team of 5000+ employees who work dedicatedly towards the company’s progress.

Rates: Their product rates range from around $100 – $149 per hour.

The Bottom Line

So, these are all the best mobile app development companies in the UAE you can find throughout the UAE that will assist you with innovative applications and solutions targeting your every problem while meeting your needs effectively. Feel free to go through them all to find the one that better aligns with your goals and objectives, as the right app development company is crucial for the growth of your business.


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