Unleash 5 Smart Hacks for a Pet-Perfect Home

Every dog mom, cat dad, and reptile king adores their pet-perfect home and goes the extra mile to keep them safe and happy. However, when you are at home, busy with work, playing with your kids, cooking up brunch, or just in the shower, it’s not possible to surveil them all the time. That’s where smart home solutions can help. 

If you are a pet parent looking to build an Okanagan custom home that helps you take care of your precious furry buddies, you need to adopt smart solutions. Design your home with smart systems and device integrations that unlock a whole new realm of possibilities.

Okanagan home builders use these smart solutions to make your home safer and more comfortable for pets:

1. Get smart thermostats

Smart thermostats help you monitor the temperature in every room and control the HVAC system accordingly. Home builders in Okanagan integrate these devices into your new home so that you can save money while reducing your carbon emissions at the same time. However, they also go a long way toward keeping your pet-perfect home comfy and safe.

For instance, tropical birds like cockatiels thrive in warmer temperatures, while giant, cuddly Saint Bernads prefer the cold. With smart thermostats, you can fine-tune the temperature in each room. Moreover, you can control it remotely. Why is this feature important? When you’re on vacation and a sudden heat wave or cold spell strikes your home, you can remotely adjust the climate control settings to protect your pet.

2. Smart Doors

Smart doors are another category of integration that adds to the pet-friendliness of your home. With a smart door, your pets can go out of the house, roam around in the backyard, chase a few butterflies, and get back inside without the need for you to be at the door. These doors usually come with companion NFC devices or scannable QR tags that can be attached to the collar of your pet.

You can set the access time for the door, and when the pet comes close to the door, it automatically opens, waits for your pet to go out, and closes down. Smart doors also come with cameras and allow you remote access which comes in handy to allow access to the delivery person. Overall, it’s a superior solution compared to a door flap.

3. Smart lighting

Smart lights can do way more than just ‘mood lighting’. They allow you full control of the lights inside your home and in the backyard at will. You can also automate things according to the time of the day and change in schedule. It can help you save time, and energy and even add more security to your home by keeping the lights on at night while on vacation. Moreover, it makes your home more safe for pets.

When your pet needs to go out for a pee break at night, it can be quite a hassle. You need to wake yourself up, stumble down the stairs, and then go outside and wait for your four-legged friend to do the deed. With smart lighting and motion sensors, you can unlock the main entrance remotely, and as your cat or dog makes its way via the stairs to the backyard, the path automatically lights up.

4. Smart cameras and monitoring

Smart cameras are essential for securing your home and helping you look out for any suspicious activities. They can also be very useful for monitoring your pet and keeping them under surveillance. AI-powered smart cameras and security systems can recognize and identify your pet. When it notices something alarming, it can quickly alert you so that you can take swift action. You can also program these systems to alert nearby pet centres or trusted contacts when you’re far away from home.

5. Geo-fencing

With GPS pet collars and your home’s smart Wi-Fi, you can also enable geo-fencing for your pets. This lets you create an invisible boundary for your pet-perfect home that alerts them with vibration or sound every time they go near the boundary. This technology is especially useful for pets who love nature and like to explore outside their homes. Geo-fencing lets you keep them safe without hindering their curiosity.

All of these smart solutions make your home a safe and cost sanctuary for your furry friends. When building or renovating a custom home, choose new home builders in West Kelowna who can integrate these solutions into your home while executing your vision perfectly.


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