What Can Affect Women’s Ability to Fertility? A Review of the Factors


For women, facing fertility issues is one of the toughest situations to face. While changing your nutrition levels and making a lifestyle can help in removing traces of infertility, you need to know what affects the rate of fertility in women at first. Several physical and psychological factors may affect female fertility and disrupt your happiness to enjoy motherhood. For most couples, the wish to start a family dampens due to female infertility. Try to get affordable love spell caster at first to enhance the chances of parenthood.

That said, before you take the chance to become pregnant, here are the factors affecting female fertility and take the steps needed to enhance the chances of conceiving:

1. Biological Issues

Biological factors that affect female fertility are age and sex. A woman can bear a child from the onset of menstruation that roughly begins from 15 years, although the age may vary from person to person. Accordingly, the ideal age of conceiving is up to 35 years in women. But most women generally try for pregnancy from 25 years to 30 years of age. What is the reason behind fertility and age? As women start aging, the number of eggs reduces, especially in the late 30s. Moreover, the quality of eggs also tends to decline with age and the chances of miscarriage increases. You can try to apply a fertility spell to enhance the chances of pregnancy.

2. Lifestyle Factors

Lifestyle factors also count in female fertility. Wondering what they are? Before choosing a spell for pregnancy, you need to assess your weight. Obese women are less likely to become pregnant than those who are in shape and exercise regularly. The immediate solution to improve the chances of pregnancy is losing weight. Even if you are losing about 5% to 10% of your present weight, the chances of improving fertility can go up drastically. If you are overweight, the chance of miscarriage is going to be higher, so you need to follow the dietary advice of professionals to make sure that you enjoy motherhood. However, being underweight may also affect female fertility. In that case, you need to improve your nutrition to attain appropriate weight.

3. Smoking

Women who smoke regularly are more likely to experience a delay in pregnancy than non-smokers. So, if you smoke actively and passively, it may reduce the number of eggs and also damage the reproductive organs.

4. Alcohol

Studies suggest that drinking over five units of alcohol regularly may reduce female fertility. But consuming alcohol in moderation is often associated with higher rates of pregnancy. If you consume alcohol and still want to get pregnant, try a healthy pregnancy spell to overcome the odds.

5. Issues in Reproductive Organs

If you are planning to get pregnant soon and raise a child, checking the fertility rate is important. Issues like endometriosis result in abnormal growth of tissues inside the uterus and gradually spread to the other organs. Overall, damage to reproductive organs may dampen your chances of getting pregnant.

The sooner you find out the causes disrupting your chances of pregnancy, the better it is for you to treat the issues for enhancing the chances of pregnancy. When all roads to attaining motherhood close, you will be left with no options but to buy magic spells online. Wondering if it works? Visit Jessica Black’s Spell Collections from where thousands of women have benefited immensely.

6. Hormone Levels

An imbalance in the hormone levels may also reduce female fertility. Reduced levels of female hormones can disturb the level of reproduction, and elevated levels of androgen can prevent your body from ovulating regularly. If you are suffering from low hormone levels, try to take the right measures to expedite your chances of getting pregnant.

7. Medical Conditions

Women with medical conditions may also suffer from reduced fertility. But you will need a doctor to assess the exact reasons. Some of the general reasons are a malfunctioning thyroid and Vitamin D deficiency.

When should you take action?

Women diagnosed with low fertility need to take the right action in the following circumstances:
• You are over 35 years of age
• You are experiencing irregular periods and have been infertile for a couple of years
• You have undergone various surgeries
Fertility issues affect over fifteen percent of couples. The road to motherhood may pose huge challenges for women at times. But there are ways to deal with the problem. You need to take the right action before it’s too late.



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