10 Benefits of Implementing a Leave and Attendance Management System

Field organizations are only aware of the pain they endure while managing their employees’ leave and attendance management systems. Spreadsheets add more to their headache, and they cannot easily cope with time theft, unplanned leaves, and buddy punching.

However, having a leave and attendance management system in place makes the process seamless. It automates the procedure and helps you manage your employees’ attendance and leaves. The guide covers 10 advantages of implementing leave and attendance management system software.

Scroll further to discover the capabilities of the software.

Benefits of Utilizing a Leave and Attendance Management System

An attendance and leave management system is an efficient way to keep track of employees’ attendance, leaves, and productivity. What other benefits does the system offer? Discover it in this section.

1.   Promotes Remote Attendance

A leave and attendance management system enables field employees to mark their attendance at different locations. They don’t have to be in the office to record their clock ins/outs.

2.   Reduces Time Theft

As managers are not in direct contact with their field executives, there are great chances for time theft. However, with a leave and attendance management system, you can reduce it to a minimum. The software provides real-time visibility just after executives log in to the app. Managers can instantly know when they move anywhere else than the decided site.

3.   Manages Employee’s Timesheets

Managers can seamlessly build employees’ timesheets using authentic attendance records.  They can see for how long an executive is on the field or a specific task. With accurate time tracked by timesheets, managers can also make adjustments while processing payroll.

4.   Enhances Workforce Productivity

Workforce productivity increases when executives are dedicated to their work. As there are no hindrances in the attendance marking procedure, they can entirely focus on their tasks. Thus, leading to increased workforce productivity. 

To streamline your field operation more effectively, you should use attendance management and workforce tracking solutions together. They go hand-in-hand and ensure the overall automation of field operations.

5.   Improves Communication

A simplified attendance and leave management system bridges the gap between managers and executives. They can both communicate with each other, ignoring the need to rely on different platforms. For instance, executives request leaves, and managers acknowledge them for the same solution.

6.   Manages Leaves

Using an efficient leave management system, the executive can learn to take balanced leaves. Even, the leaves get auto-updated immediately after employees request them. By avoiding the need to maintain registers, spreadsheets, and Excel sheets, field organizations seamlessly manage employees’ leaves.

7.   Provides Reports and Analysis

An attendance management system integrated with employee attendance tracking software provides reports and analysis. Looking at these, managers get to see data like attendance patterns and leave trends both as a team and individually. This helps in dealing with issues like absenteeism. Also, field organizations can improve or maintain compliance while accessing the data.

8.   Categorizes Leaves

Managers can seamlessly categorize leaves into different categories, i.e., paid, unpaid, maternity, sick leaves, etc. Executives seamlessly request the leave they need and get the remaining balance just after receiving the manager’s acknowledgement.

9.   Regularizes Attendance

If somehow a manager marks employees’ attendance wrong, executives can seamlessly request them to make regularization. After looking at their log hours, movements, and tasks completed, managers can regularize attendance.

10. Processes Payroll

Even, the payroll processing is made easier when you couple attendance and payroll management software together. While receiving the data on employees’ working hours, overtime, leaves, etc., payroll software seamlessly makes payments to each employee.

How does an attendance and Leave Management System work?

Now, let’s find the answer to the most asked question and learn how the system actually works.

1.   Employees log in to the app

Each executive is provided with an app, through which they can mark their attendance on the field. It’s only a tap required from executives to record their log hours. Now the system utilizes the following fool-proof attendance formulas to verify attendance:

  • Visual verification that involves the image of employees containing latitude, longitude, and time of acquisition.
  • Attendance-task linking makes the tasks available for executives only when they are at the destined location.

2. Manager’s Web Portal Gets the Data

Once the system verifies the attendance, it shares the executives’ login time and location to the web portal. Managers also get notified whenever an executive logs working hours.

3. The admin app or web portal records the Data

Both managers and employees get a clear view of the attendance records. Even, the managers portal is equipped with multiple sorting options, tapping on that, they can get relevant information about employees’ tasks, leaves, and working hours.

4.   Software Creates Insightful Reports

Besides, the platform creates insightful reports from the data received. Managers use those reports to identify attendance patterns and leave trends.

To Sum it up:

Leave and attendance management systems are all you need today to manage your field force. The software not only mitigates buddy punching, and time theft but also automates the entire leave and attendance management process.

You don’t have to look at mundane tasks as your primary choice. That means, you swiftly swap the time spent recording employees’ attendance for managing other business-driven tasks. If you are looking for such software,. We’ll recommend TrackoField for you. It’s a field employee monitoring solution consisting of task, order, and expense management solutions or modules.

You can sign up for its free trial. The system has all the capabilities to make employee tracking and monitoring a cakewalk.

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