How to develop a website using Wi-Fi Repeater?

If you are a website developer and you need strong Wi-Fi signals in your office or room, then we recommend you set up a Wi-Fi repeater. This small gadget can extend the Wi-Fi range of your router or access point to a further 1500–2000 sq. ft., depending upon its model.

To work online or to develop a website, we need strong Wi-Fi signals. We have to upload and download a lot of files simultaneously. So, in this article, we will learn how to set up a wifi repeater setup at home and also how to access the internet through it via your laptop or computer.

To start with, we need to make sure we have a working router or access point at our home/office. If you haven’t yet set it up, then first, let’s do it. For this, plug the router into a power outlet. Now, depending on your connection type, connect the Ethernet cable or fiber optic cable to the WAN port or PON port, respectively.

Next, using your phone or computer, connect to the router’s default SSID, which will show up in your Wi-Fi list. Once connected, open any browser on the same device, and in the URL, type the default IP address of that router.

It will take you to the login page of the router. Follow the on screen instructions to complete the setup. Also, during the setup, you will have to assign an SSID and password to your network. Kindly note it down, as you will need it during repeater setup.

Wi-Fi Repeater Setup

  • We recommend you plug the repeater in the same room or in close proximity to the router. The distance should not be more than 30 feet.
  • Next, wait for around 2 minutes and let the power led on it get stable.
  • Then you will have to grab either a phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. On any device, go to the Wi-Fi settings. There, you will find a repeater’s default Wi-Fi network showing up.
  • It will come up as WiFi-Repeater-2.4GHz or WiFi-Repeater-5GHz. Tap on any of these networks to connect to them.
  • Once connected, the setup window will come up automatically on your screen. In case it doesn’t, then we recommend you open any updated browser on the same device.
  • You can use chrome, safari, edge, etc. Now enter or type for wifi repeater login. You will have to hit enter after typing the IP address.
  • It will take you to the login page of the extender. In case it asks for the username or password, type “admin’.
  • Next, you will need to select the Wi-Fi network of your router that you want to extend for both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.
  • Plus, once it asks for the password, type the same as your router’s Wi-Fi password. Be cautious while typing the password; in case you make an error, your extender will not get configured. Moreover, you will have to reset the extender and then reconfigure it again.
  • Finally, it will take around 120 seconds for the extender to save settings and show up in your Wi-Fi list.
  • You can now connect your phones, computers, security cameras, gaming consoles, etc. to this network.

Using Wi-Fi Repeater With WordPress

Now, the most commonly used tool for developing a website is WordPress. So, now we will need to plug the extender halfway between your router and the location where your computer is plugged in.

So, suppose your computer is located in the office, then plug the extender into the outlet present halfway between the office and the location where your router is plugged. Now, you will need to tap on the Wi-Fi icon on your computer. If it’s Windows, then the Wi-Fi icon will be on the bottom right hand side. If you are using a Mac computer, then the Wi-Fi icon will be on the top right hand corner.

In your Wi-Fi list, you will see your Wi-Fi repeater network showing up. By default, it will come up with your home router SSID and then (_EXT) at the end. Some models come up with (plus) suffixes too. So, you simply need to tap on this network to connect to it. As you do that, it will ask for a password, which will be the same as your router’s Wi-Fi password.

Once you are connected to the internet, you can then open a browser, go to, and start building your website. In case you have already installed WordPress on your domain, then you can access the WordPress of that domain by typing your domain followed by (wp-admin). For example, suppose your domain is “,” then you can access WordPress by typing “” into the URL.


So, this is how you can use a wireless Wi-Fi repeater to access WordPress and develop awesome websites.


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