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4 Key Benefits of Choosing ViroKill Technology for Interior Design

CenturyPly creates CenturyLaminates and CenturyPlywood using a special technology called ViroKill. This technology uses tiny particles that are super powerful against germs like bacteria, viruses, and fungi. These particles are naturally built to fight these germs. When these harmful germs touch surfaces made with ViroKill technology, these tiny particles become super active and destroy the germs by touching them directly. This means that the surfaces of things like furniture made with ViroKill are always super clean and safe because these powerful particles are always working to keep them germ-free. So, ViroKill makes sure that your furniture and surfaces stay hygienic and healthy by killing almost all the harmful germs that come in contact with them.

  • The power of ViroKill lasts a long time! Unless something physically damages or changes the furniture surface, the effects of ViroKill stay strong forever. These special tiny particles, the superheroes in ViroKill, are trapped in the furniture material. They keep fighting off the bad germs like bacteria, viruses, and fungi without wearing out. That means your furniture and surfaces stay germ-free for a super long time. These superhero particles are tucked inside the furniture material, so they keep on working and don’t disappear over time. As long as nothing harms the furniture surface, ViroKill keeps protecting it from harmful germs. So, you can count on ViroKill to keep your furniture and surfaces safe and clean for a long while!
  • ViroKill Technology remains unaffected by natural ailments such as heat, atmospheric pressure, and humidity. Nothing can break into it, no matter what the weather conditions are. This means that even if it’s hot or humid outside, or if your furniture is in the sun, ViroKill doesn’t react or get weaker. It stays strong no matter the weather! This means that even if it’s hot or humid outside, or if your furniture is in the sun. They stay put and continue to protect your furniture and surfaces from germs, making sure they remain safe and clean, even when it’s hot, humid, or sunny outside. That’s why ViroKill is reliable and keeps your furniture germ-free despite the usual weather conditions.
  • ViroKill makes surfaces super safe for everyone! When virokill technology is infused into the plywood, almost every bad virus is beaten off the surface, ensuring the surface is safe for anyone who touches it. Virokill acts as a protective shield and creates a gem-free space. The materials used to manufacture virokill technology are non-toxic. Therefore, Virokill-treated plywood is harmless to anyone who touches it, and you don’t have to worry when you come into contact with it. The surfaces remain free of germs, and their composition is toxic.
  • ViroKill Technology makes the furniture super-safe for everybody. Virokill technology ensures people’s safety when they come in contact with the furniture. Virokill acts as an invisible shield against evil. The materials used to make virokill are completely safe. Hence, one does not need to worry about germs or viruses when they touch the furniture.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, choosing ViroKill Technology for interior design brings numerous advantages. Century ply laminates and plywood are infused with virokill technology, ensuring furniture and surfaces remain germ-free and safe for everyone. The surface persistently fights off bacteria, viruses, and fungi without weakening the surface over time. The surface remains unaffected by environmental factors. The virokill is a non-toxic technology, making it reliable for human contact without harm.


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