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7 Reasons Why SAINIK Plywood is Ideal for Outdoor Projects

SAINIK Plywood by CenturyPly is a top-notch choice, offering a blend of quality and affordability for diverse applications. With SAINIK 710, you get genuine waterproofing, proven through a robust 72-hour Boiling Water Proof test, surpassing ordinary plywood standards. Priced at an unbeatable Rs 102 per sq ft for 19 mm thickness, it ensures consistent quality nationwide. This plywood is not only resistant to bending, weather changes, and daily wear but also shields against pests with its borer and termite-proof features. Backed by an 8-year warranty, SAINIK 710 guarantees enduring performance, making it a secure investment. Crafted by CenturyPly, a leader in plywood manufacturing, SAINIK Plywood exemplifies premium quality and reliability.

1. Genuine Waterproofing:

A 72-hour Boiling Water Proof test certifies that SAINIK 710 is a waterproofing champion. However, in just one hour, standard plywood falls short. This distinguishes SAINIK 710 as the ultimate option for total outdoor waterproofing. The long-lived performance during testing underscores its reliability, making it a superior option for those seeking waterproof plywood that excels in resisting water damage.

2. Unified Pricing Nationwide:

Every square foot of 19mm SAINIK 710 is available at an unbeatable price of Rs.102, with unwavering quality and durability guaranteed. It withstands bending, changes in weather, and daily abuse because of its high-quality timber and adhesive manufacturing process. A nationwide consistent price tag on the SAINIK plywood ensures that it can be afforded without compromising on its features. The reliability and cost-effectiveness offered by SAINIK 710 make it the best choice for affordable and durable plywood for different applications.

3. Shield against pests:

SAINIK 710 goes beyond competencies as a simple waterproofing substance and serves as a strong barrier against pests. The plywood sheets have glue line protection, which is responsible for their resistance to borer and termites, thus making sure your outdoor projects last a lifetime. With this added layer of defense, SAINIK 710 not only provides peace of mind but also safeguards your investment by preventing damage from common pests. Its resilience against these pests makes it a reliable and durable choice, making sure your outdoor endeavors remain protected and secure against potential threats.

4. Extended 8-Year Assurance:

SAINIK 710 provides an incredible 8-warranty, and it is an indicator of its durability as well as long-term functioning and dependability. By extending the warranty, SAINIK 710 upholds its position as a reliable and good investment for many outdoor uses. With the 8-Year Assurance, SAINIK 710 enables customers to trust in their products without any doubt, meaning that the plywood will be maintained to be durable throughout the years.

5. Unmatched premium quality:

CenturyPly’s SAINIK 710 epitomizes unparalleled premium quality in India’s plywood market. It benchmarks the industry in terms of state-of-the-art technology. CenturyPly’s SAINIK 710 showcases their dedication to high-class workmanship and, therefore, displays excellent performance and reliability. This plywood transcends industrial standards with an unmatched level of quality.

6. Resistance to Heavy Loads:

SAINIK 710’s impressive resistance to bending makes it suitable for handling heavy loads and fighting off daily wear and tear. The plywood maintains the structural integrity of outdoor spaces, making it a robust and dependable choice. Concerning weighty loads or repeated use, one can always consider SAINIK 710 continued long-lastingness even after countless years in various outdoor applications.

7. Endurance Against Varied Climates:

SAINIK 710, designed to withstand diverse climates, remains steadfast against unpredictable weather variations. Its unwavering performance makes it a robust choice for outdoor projects, ensuring reliability in any environmental condition.


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