Best Puffer Jacket Outfits Ideas For Women

Puffer jackets are truly a must-have outerwear piece in the winter season. These bulky, big, and insulated pieces give off the warmest and coolest vibes. Just like the versatile leather jackets for women, puffer coats have a huge variety of colors and are made in a vast array of materials like leather, shearling, and satin puffer jackets. With so many designs available, there are various ways to style your puffer jacket. We are here to show you how to wear your favorite and show off your sensational style using this outerwear statement piece.

Puffer jackets prepare you for pretty much anything the weather brings you. Heavier puffers are best worn as winter coats. Puffers of any type, length, and look are wardrobe essentials. Women’s leather puffer jackets are closet staples that hold their own style no matter what the weather has in store; they always make your outfits look ten times prettier.

Cropped Leather Puffer Outfit

This outfit is for the super chilly and cozy days of winter. Get your women’s cropped leather puffer jacket in a sleek black color and pair it with sweatpants of your choice, a pair of sneakers, and a bodysuit. Wearing a bodysuit with sweatpants lets you free yourself from the worry of tucking the shirt in or out. This outfit gives you minimalist and cozy vibes, making it the ultimate choice for everyday casual outings as well as elevating your street style.

Oversized Puffer Outfit

An oversized puffer jacket can also be known as a puffy bomber, having the feel of a bomber jacket to itself. The oversized puffer jackets instantly upgrade your outfit with a polished look. It is a great choice for those who love trends but want to adapt them for themselves. A monochromatic trouser outfit accessorized with a belt, and crisp white sneakers with your favorite oversized puffer is a great way to achieve the perfect balance of relaxed and tailored. If you want to feel super cozy and warm, this outfit is the right thing to wear, and you can rock it on any occasion.

Puffer Jacket with Crop Top

This outfit is for the sunny and fresh days of spring. Pair your monochromatic midriff-baring ensemble made of knitwear or other luxe-feeling fabrics like silk, satin, or cashmere with a puffer jacket on top and a pair of statement black boots to complete your look. This style is the most popular among women, as it is easy to pull and gives you an undeniably gorgeous look. Create this look with your favourite puffer jacket and turn heads everywhere you go.

Pink Monochromatic Outfit with Puffer Jacket

This vibrant outfit is going to turn heads everywhere you go. Coordinating your pink monochromatic outfit with the same color puffer jacket is definitely a fun and easy idea. It doesn’t have to be a perfect match, as long as the color of your jacket belongs to the same color family. To finish off this look, get your favorite accessories like a scarf, an elegant purse, and chic shoes in the same shades of pink. This eye-catching look is truly one of our favorites!

Vintage Puffer Jacket Outfit

While looking for different styles of puffer jackets, we came across vintage puffer jackets that are versatile and timeless pieces. Choose between different colors, fabrics, and prints. Prints, as in floral or leopard styles, create a perfect retro look. Make the most of your vintage jacket by pairing it with pieces from the past, such as black or blue bell-bottom pants. This look is ideal for women who like to add a retro vibe to their closet.

Elegant fit with Silver Puffer

Silver has been the favorite color for statement accessories such as shoes, jewellery, and belts. The metallic hues of silver have made their way to the iconic puffer jackets found in stores, on runways, and on the streets. The key to best styling these silver puffers is to keep the rest of your outfit minimal and simplistic. Wear your silver puffer on top of a monochromatic black or white outfit, which would allow your puffer jacket to stand out without any chance of clashing. Choose casual pieces, such as flared jeans, a basic t-shirt, and sneakers, to complete your look.


Adding puffer jackets to your wardrobe is the best choice you can make. From oversized to fitted or cropped, vested to belt, and everything in between, you will find many amazing options to choose from. Puffer jackets have been ruling the fashion world for years, as they have amazing insulation properties and the best styles. If you have invested in a good quality puffer jacket but don’t know how to style it, give this article a thorough read, and you will definitely identify your style and achieve an attention-grabbing look whenever you step out!


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