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How domestic electricians differ from their commercial counterparts

Where does the actual difference lie between commercial and residential electricians? This is a crucial question, if you think so. The actual difference between the two categories of professionals is in the types of projects they handle. This difference itself makes almost everything clear and transparent to understand. You will find commercial electricians working on commercial premises or properties. In other words, you will find them working in commercial spaces like retail outlets, shopping malls, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and other such places. In contrast to that, the fraternity of domestic or residential electricians works on residential premises and homes. You will find this category of tradesmen working in every type of home, including single-family, multi-family, and apartments.

There is another important fact that you should take into account, which is residential electricians normally work with electrical voltage ranging between 120 and 240 volts. Compared to that, commercial electricians usually work with much higher voltages of electricity. Commercial electricians work much above this voltage range. In fact, the electrical systems that they work on not only have much higher voltage but also larger conduits, equipment, and greater complexity. It is obvious that commercial building codes are different and stricter than residential building codes. In order to shoulder their responsibilities properly, commercial electricians require extensive training and qualification compared to domestic electricians.

Circumstances when you should hire commercial electrician

If you have to settle for a large or significant electrical job at the site of your business, then you need to hire a commercial electrician. This range of tradesmen is competent in handling large-scale electrical installations. They can also provide the best possible electrical solutions for your business environment. Compared to domestic electricians near me or anywhere else for that matter, commercial electricians have specialized training, skills, and expertise to tackle complex electrical systems that are found in commercial premises.

There can be different reasons for a business to hire commercial electricians. Some of the reasons include the following:

  • Complying with future growth plans: In case you plan to move your business or expand it, you cannot accommodate the necessary changes without getting proper help and support from a commercial electrician. The professional helps you scale the new electrical system and can also ensure energy efficiency within your business premises. Moreover, the tradesman can also equip you with renewable energy solutions.
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance work Commercial electricians troubleshoot electrical issues as well as perform electrical maintenance and repair. They are your best bet to replace broken, damaged, or outdated electrical systems.
  • Staying abreast of the maintenance schedule: Professional electricians are capable of identifying the components that need to be replaced or repaired.
  • Creating a safe electrical environment: Businesses get lots of benefits from hiring commercial electricians. It helps them cut down on maintenance costs on the one hand while enhancing system efficiency on the other. Most importantly, they contribute immensely to creating a safe electrical environment.

Hiring a reliable electrician is now easier. Whether you want to hire a domestic or commercial electrician, an online search can make things much easier for you. You can search online with strings like “domestic electrician near me”. But make sure to go through either the trademark register or the competent person register before hiring. The electricians on these registers have undergone a rigorous evaluation process to guarantee they are qualified to perform high-quality work.

Before hiring an electrician, here are a few tips to follow. These tips help you identify skilled and qualified tradesmen easily.

  • Licensing and insurance coverage

It’s crucial to note that commercial electricians in the UK are subject to more strict licensing and insurance requirements than their residential counterparts. Whenever possible, it is preferable to work with a tradesperson who is licensed and has comprehensive, current insurance. Commercial electricians are licensed as either Journeymen or Master Electricians, which is a significant difference to make. A competent and liable commercial electrical services company must carry workers’ compensation and liability insurance to keep clients safe in case of an untoward turn of events. Electricity is potentially hazardous. An accident may occur at any time while working with it.

  • Credentials and hands-on experience

A commercial electrician who you hire must have the right training and experience for the job. Commercial electricians have to achieve the right qualifications to play their role. This qualification ensures they undergo an apprenticeship programme. They also need to possess on-the-job experience for quite a few years. It could either be 2000 hours or 4 years of experience points out a domestic electrician in London. Depending on the type of job you have in offer, an electrician or an electrician services company may require possessing credentials for certified training in specific areas.

  • Recommendations and reviews

Asking for recommendations or competent electricians from neighbors yields results in most cases. This is true for both domestic and commercial electricians. When you get a lead, check out that tradesman’s reviews online. For this, you can use Google Business or Yelp to get authentic and unbiased information.

  • Experience specific to the job on offer

When you are hiring commercial electricians, it is important to ensure they possess experience specific to the job you have to offer. The same goes for local domestic electricians, too. When you shortlist a candidate or a company, discuss the conditions of your project. It also helps them in getting a general understanding of the tasks they are supposed to complete.

Typical tasks that a range of electricians usually need to accomplish include the following:

  • Troubleshooting an electrical system to determine the cause of an outage
  • Providing emergency electrical service in circumstances where power transmission in a building gets snapped because of no fault of the provider
  • Installing new electrical system and wiring for new rooms or equipment
  • Installing new wiring and systems as a part of all-round or major upgrade project
  • Routine maintenance and inspection to ensure electrical system in a building works smoothly without any risk or hindrance

Compare quotes before hiring

Last but not least, you must compare quotes before hiring an electrician. It is important to collect quotes from a few qualified electricians who work in and around your area. Make sure these estimates are free and involve no commitment from your side or that of the other suggested professionals from some of the major domestic electrical companies in London. If you follow these tips, then it will not be difficult to achieve your goal.


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