Mistakes that can Ruin Your Custom Backlit Sign

If your business had a face, it would be your sign. Often, customers judge the entire brand based on just one sign. Your custom backlit sign is an invaluable part of marketing.

The backlit sign is one of the most commonly used business signs. If you are in the process of designing a custom backlit sign for your business, there are a few pitfalls you need to avoid. To help you, we are going to list them in this blog. So, let’s dive in.

1.  Bad Sign Placement

The placement of the signs is very important, but often advertisers tend to neglect it. A study by the FedEx Office shows that 80% of the surveyed American consumers enter a store after noticing the sign. With such an impact on foot traffic, it is important to consider where you are placing the custom backlit sign.

One of the primary components of the location is the wayfinding element. In case you are placing the custom backlit sign on the roadside, make sure that it goes with your entrance sign. It might seem obvious, but often businesses opt to place signs in areas where they feel they are going to get more exposure. Well, it can get more exposure but also lead to confusion and frustrate customers. Your custom backlit sign has to welcome, inform, and guide customers to your store or office’s doorways. If you cause confusion, it can lead to a loss of business.

2.  Adding Too Much Information

When you make the sign, you do not have to announce all your services, your experience, your hours, your promotions, and your name all in a small space. It makes it difficult to scan through or read quickly, which can deter some customers. Rather, you need to have one primary custom backlit sign and then smaller backlit signs if required.

You have to ensure that your main sign is clean, simple, and effective. The design for the backlit sign printing should reflect the culture of the company and what you really do without overwhelming your customers with too much unnecessary information.

3.  Using Amateur Designs

Good designs for your signs, be it magnetic vehicle signs or backlit signs are expensive. But it is important to focus on professional work. Your backlit sign represents the business to the customers. it is not crucial that you don’t skimp on quality.

You might have seen signs and logos for other businesses that don’t come across the way they were initially intended. It includes images that might accidentally look like something they should not, as well as signs that are unattractive or boring. These mistakes can cost you your legitimacy with one simple glance.

For backlit sign design, spend money to hire a professional who has a proven track record and work with them to ensure your sign portrays the appropriate ideas about the company.

4.  Improper Lighting

The right light around the sign is as important as the design itself. Without adequate lighting, prospective customers might not even stop to read what’s written on your sign. Thus, you can lose out on prospective business. You need to ensure that your lighting will highlight the graphics and text clearly enough. Hence,  people walking or driving by can easily get an idea about what the sign is projecting from a distance.

An LED-backlit solution is the best choice for this purpose, as LED bulbs consume less energy and tend to last longer than conventional lighting.

5.  Choosing the Wrong or Too Many Colors

Colors speak a lot about your business without even having to say a word. The colors you choose reflect you and your business. it is important to ensure that the colors communicate the right tone. Do not choose fun, bright colors for serious business.

Another mistake businesses tend to make with signs, such as custom vehicle magnet decals or backlit signs, is using too many colors. Bright colors can grab attention, and too many colors can be distracting. It can even take away from the message on the sign. So, it is better to stick to 2-3 colors at the most. Adding any more colors than that can overwhelm the onlooker. You would like them to focus on what the sign is saying and not how many colors are on the sign.

6.  Choosing Bad Fonts

Just as poor color choices can affect your backlit sign’s font, it can also have a significant impact on how the customer perceives the brand. A bad font choice can have a negative influence and give the wrong impression about the brand. Your goal has to be to communicate the right tone, and the right font will reflect your ideals.


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