Pitfalls to Avoid with Affordable Brochure Printing

Brochure printing is an effective marketing tool for businesses. It can be used to showcase your products or services. Promotional brochures can create a brand identity. They provide an informative and tangible representation of what your company has to offer.

But brochure printing can be a complicated process, and there are many pitfalls to avoid when you create them. In this blog, we are going to list the top mistakes to avoid with affordable brochure printing.

  1. Not Paying Attention to the Content

Regardless of how well-designed, inadequate content can mar your efforts with brochure creation. As they do not offer a big canvas upon which to convey the message, focus on the key message. For example, to promote your brand, highlight the brand name, logo, tagline, and business details. For advertising a specific product, combine the images with as few words as possible.

Keep the brochure’s message crisp and short. Focus on the objectives of the business and the products and services you offer. Begin with a strong tagline. It can drive traffic to your company by creating curiosity in customers. Use it to make a big impact on the brochure readers with a few words, provided they are meaningful and strong.

  1. Not Using High-Quality Images

When inexpensive brochure printing contains only text, it is more likely to end up in the recycling bin. However, a well-designed brochure with images can maintain a visual interest.

In case you want to display your product, add its pictures to attract readers. Similarly, if you are promoting a service, add pictures from  previous projects for adding visual interest and credibility.

But make sure that you use high-resolution photos from sites with stock images or pay a professional to get photos clicked to prevent pixelation in the brochure. It can damage the brand image.

  1. Selecting the Wrong Fonts

As brochures have an open layout, designers attempt to sectionalize details through the use of multiple fonts and font sizes. However, they can help in creating a consistent brand image. Thus, to maintain consistency in brochure printing Canada, stick to a maximum of 2-3 fonts.

In case you have to highlight a certain part of the text, use bold colors rather than different fonts. Too many fonts on the brochure you can confuse the readers and make it look unimpressive and overcrowded.

  1. Trying to Add Everything You in One Brochure

Adding a list of everything you or your business does is a mistake. When you are trying to impress all, you might end up interesting no one. Know that a majority of the businesses have a minimum of 2-3 kinds of customers they service. In case you want to put one or two products on the print materials, such as cheap poster printing or brochure printing, use services or products in the brochure that suit the kind of customers you cater to.

  1. Designing Without a Purpose

You need to consider what you want to accomplish with the brochure. It might sound simple but the brochure that is designed without a goal or purpose in mind is worth little and usually doesn’t produce results.

Take into account what you would like the end outcome of the brochure. Do you want them to buy, call, or check out your website? You might want the brochures to create more interest.

  1. Not Adding a Call to Action

Printing brochures will become meaningless without a call to action. You can initiate customer relationships through it. However, customers should also know the next step they should take. A clear call to action, such as ‘Call us for a free quote’ or ‘Email us for more information, is essential.

Keep in mind that your primary objective is to drive traffic to the website of the brand or promote your business.


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